Last week, we spoke about improving your living room in 20 easy steps. This week, we’ve got the best tips on how to have the dining room of your dreams in your space. 


Here’s Part I of the 20 Easy Steps to a Better Dining Room. 


#1 Get Gold Flatware 

One of the easiest ways to introduce a touch of luxury to your dining room is by swapping regular flatware with gold or antiqued-gold tone flatware. If gold seems too blingy, consider a copper or brass tone.  


#2 Add a Rug 

Rugs are just great! Whether in a living room, bedroom or dining room, rugs give the space an organized look and cozy feel. It also allows you to add texture, pattern, and color to any area whilst making it look ritzier than it may be. Find a stylish area rug here 


#3 Use Wallpaper 

Wallpapers look great in dining rooms! They are known to add style, depth, and warmth to a room without the hassles of painting. Choosing one wall and applying wallpaper to it will give your dining room an unparalleled look as compared to just plain dull paint.  


#4 Add Color to the Walls 

If you’re open to change, try a dark color on one of the walls in your dining room. Having a dark-colored wall in your dining room will allow you to explore new décor possibilities and make your room seem larger than it is. Darker walls are also significantly better at highlighting wall art and mirrors. We recommend colors like Nightwatch, Navy, Black or Caramel if you’re just starting to experiment with darker walls as they’re slightly easier to plan and work with than others.  


#5 Invest in a Sideboard 

If you don’t have a sideboard in your dining room yet, maybe it’s time to get one. Sideboards are amazing creations that are versatile, compact and visually appealing. Not only can you use them as an extra surface while serving food but also to store your favorite china or display your décor pieces. The Mercana Marketplace is home to some amazing sideboards that we’re sure you’ll love. Find one for your space, here 


#6 Mix up the Seating 

If all your chairs look the same (especially on a rectangular table), this tip is for you. Experiment with end and side chairs or swap a couple of your side chairs for a bench. You’ll be surprised to see how big a difference some nice chairs and some variety can bring about in a dining room. We recommend using armchairs at the table heads – something slightly posher than your side chairs. If you have a round table, swap a couple of chairs with a demi-lune bench like the Aponas. 


#7 Update Your Tablescape 

A dining table is the center of attraction in any dining room. We strongly recommend spending some time and putting some effort behind your tablescape and updating it occasionally. While this may be easy on your pockets, it will take some time, thought and effort before you can find the perfect style that resonates with you. Find some everyday inspirations, here 


#8 Include Some Plants 

Including a couple of succulents in and around the dining can make the dining room look welcoming. You can choose to have a small potted plant in one of the corners or just have a couple of succulents atop your sideboard. If plants aren’t your thing, consider including a fruit basket on the dining table which will also do the same trick as plants – make your dining room more welcoming.  


#9 Plan Your Space  

It’s simple. Ensure your guests have space to move around without the risk of tripping over. A general rule of thumb is to have at least 44-48 inches of space between any of the walls and your dining table. For more on planning your dining room, check out our series of blogs from the Dining category. 


#10 Bring in a Mirror 

Okay, not just one mirror. Bring in a whole collection! Mirrors tend to create the illusion of openness and airiness – exactly what a dining room needs. Check out one of our older posts for some inspiration! 



That’s All we have for you in Part I of our two-part series – 20 Easy Steps to a Better Dining Room.  

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