In the month of April, we focused our content on the dining room and asked our readers what they’d like us to talk about in the coming months. Some of you requested that we shed some light on storage solutions. 

In response to our readers’ comments, we’ve come up with this article – An introduction to the most versatile storage solution of all time – the Sideboard (or buffet).  


What are Sideboards? 


A sideboard is one of the most useful pieces of furniture one can invest in. Typically, a sideboard is a low storage space that stretches horizontally. In addition to the cabinets (and/or a mix of drawers), sideboards also feature a long table top like surface that can be used to host everything from a full-size television to small décor items and more.  

The most common distinguishing features of a sideboard are the short legs, although sometimes the cabinet may stretch all the way to the floor.  

Sideboards were first seen in the 19th century when they were created as an alternative to side tables. Since then, the designs have been worked on to accommodate cutlery, plates and table accessories. Today, sideboards can not only be found in dining rooms but also in bedrooms, living rooms and even kids’ rooms! Why? Because they’re an amazing storage solution! 


But How Useful are Sideboards, Really? 

Since sideboards can be used in pretty much every room of the house, it only makes sense to highlight the uses based on where the sideboard will be placed.  


#1 Living Room 

Having a sideboard in the living room to store your belongings is something we personally recommend! Often times, we’ve got lesser used items lying around in the living room – items we would put away if we had a designated stow away area. Your new sideboard can definitely host these items. Everything from the books you don’t read anymore to your children’s toys.  

In addition to this, your sideboard can also accommodate a plethora of media accessories (including a full-size television) and more on the top. If you’re the kind that likes to flaunt your décor pieces (and you have a ton of them), it may be a good idea to get a display cabinet style with glass doors (…so your visitors can see those trophies you were rewarded from when you were in elementary school). Sideboards in the Living Room

Top Pick: Finished in a gunmetal grey tone, the Eldorado II is a stylish wooden sideboard with see-through cabinets equipped with shelves, that can showcase all your décor pieces and host a large TV atop the smooth wooden surface – perfect for the living room.  


#2 Office 

Sideboards are great for offices and work even better in home-offices or spaces with low ceilings. All those files that you’ve got lying around in the office? Yeah, they could probably be stored in a stunning sideboard and help you give your office that ‘executive’ look.  

Most sideboards are equipped with shelves, which will help you organize paperwork with ease. In addition to this, there’s always room for printers and other peripherals atop your new sideboard. 

Top Pick: Crafted from metal, the Newsome is a metallic sideboard that features four perforated doors with removable shelves for storage.  


#3 Bedroom 

Having a suitable sideboard that is equipped with a few drawers in the bedroom can be a bliss, especially if you’re the kind that likes to reserve the walk-in closet for tuxedos and dresses only (…or if you don’t have a walk-in closet at all). With a sideboard that has a mix of cabinets and drawers, you now have space to organize your basic clothing, jeans, socks and other essentials! No more hunting about for things in that walk-in closet (…or under the bed).  

In addition to this, sideboards have a flat top so if you’re the kind that likes bingeing Netflix in the comfort of your bed, there’s enough space for a full-size TV (… and media accessories) atop a sideboard.  

Top Pick: Crafted from Indian mango wood, The Alvin is a stunning sideboard featuring a mix of cabinet doors and full-size pull out drawers, making it a perfect fit for bedrooms. 


#4 Dining Room 

Some people may refer to them as buffets and that’s totally fine. Sideboards (or buffets) in the dining room are recommended for multiple reasons. In addition to having space to store all your favorite cutlery, dinnerware and linen, A part of the sideboard can also be used to stow liquor, glasses and cocktail accessories – eliminating the need for a standalone bar.  

What’s more? No more serving plates on the dinner table! Love that now, don’t you? Moreover, the surface can also be used to display your best décor, adding to the visuals and vibe of your dining room.  

Sideboards in the Dining Room

Top Pick: Mounted on nickel plated iron legs, the Hollandsworth is a ravishing wooden sideboard featuring intricately carved cabinets that are equipped with removable shelves – perfect for all your dinnerware and more. 


#5 Literally any Other Space 

Yes, you read that right! Sideboards have grown in popularity for this very reason – they can be placed literally anywhere. From neglected entryways and hallways to foyers and kid’s rooms – they fit. Sideboards are short so they work wonders in tight spaces under a staircase and also improve the aesthetics of the area – the space isn’t perceived as a neglected dungeon anymore.  

In addition to all the storage abilities of a sideboard, there’s also the fact that it can work as an eclectic addition to your décor – doesn’t hurt to experiment with color and pattern (… and get added storage with it). 

Sideboards in the Media Room

Top Pick: Inspired by woodland hues, the Hans is an expertly crafted wooden sideboard with two cabinets equipped with removable shelves that is just large enough for your storage needs but small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces. 


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