Inspired by the simplicity and the airy vibe of the countryside, the Farmhouse design style is one that will remind you of freshly baked pies, special family recipes and the feeling of living among the best offerings of farmlands.  

The Farmhouse design style is one that focuses primarily on comfort and functionality over aesthetics and luxury. This is why homes designed as per the Farmhouse design style can make you feel right at home – even if you’ve never been to the countryside before.  

After we released our guide on the Industrial design style, we were asked some questions about the farmhouse design style and how it can be used to transform suburban homes. Thus, we came up with a beginner’s guide to the Farmhouse style.  

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you design your space based on the Farmhouse design style.  


#1 Use a Combination of Neutral Tones 

The ‘Farmhouse’ look is best achieved when the colors used are earthy, neutral tones that blend well together. The whole idea of the Farmhouse design style is based on bringing the outdoors inside your space and nothing works better than using colors that are naturally seen as part of the outdoors like shades of grey and brown. 

In addition to this, we also recommend bringing in some indoor plants or succulents, that will help add a tinge or nature’s green to your space.  


#2 Wooden Furnishings 

When trying to decorate as per the Farmhouse design style, it is essential that you choose to include furnishings with exposed wooden surfaces, especially when it comes to larger pieces like dining tables, shelves or kitchen islands as these will help you achieve the farmhouse look with ease.  

To know the latest trends in solid wood dining tables, read our popular blog – Top 5 Dining Tables. 


#3 Reclaimed Wood? Yes! 

Reclaimed wood or Recycled wood is used to make pretty much any furniture article these days. From larger dining tables and chairs to small accessories and décor pieces, reclaimed wood does the trick. The great thing about pieces made from reclaimed wood, like the Tempel coffee table is that they typically exhibit an amazing grain pattern and have a primitive look to them – perfect for a Farmhouse style interior! 


#4 Open Shelving 

The beauty of the countryside lies in its airy vibe full of openness. One way to create this illusion of openness at home is by using open shelves instead of closed-door cabinets. If you absolutely must store items behind closed doors, try finding a light stained (or painted) wooden display cabinet with glass doors, like the Lawson 


#5 Plan a Central Gathering Space 

 If you’ve ever been a part of countryside living, you already know that it’s all about the gatherings (…and maybe the bourbon). To facilitate these gatherings and to imitate that perfect countryside vibe, we recommend considering an open concept kitchen or dining area that can accommodate a party.  

If your kitchen doesn’t already have one, consider a kitchen island like the Columbia, which is uber-functional and has the potential to be the go-to hang-out spot in your kitchen when paired with a couple of stools. 


#6 Go Beyond Furnishings 

Giving your space a complete ‘Farmhouse’ look will require more than just furnishings, especially if you have a home amidst the city. We recommend hardwood flooring, shiplap walls, exposed beams, and other artificial farmhouse inspired accents you can procure. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend starting with shiplap and wooden flooring in certain areas of the house.  


#7 Antiques and Heirlooms 

One of the most comforting things about the farmhouse design style is that it doesn’t require you to put the antiques away just because they seem eclectic in a space full of contemporary designs. Farmhouse style homes are all about preserving history (or at least being transparent about it) and if you’re wondering whether that Victorian drawer chest that was passed down to you from your ancestors deserves a spot in the open, the answer is – Most Definitely, Yes! 


#8 Plush Fabric Seating 

For living rooms, we strongly recommend going with neutral-toned fabric sofas or sectionals that are comfortable and have a relaxed look and feel. A tuxedo style, diamond stitched fabric sofa like the Kolstad works wonders if you’re trying to design a contemporary-farmhouse common room.   


#9 Pay Attention to the Dining Room 

Dining in the countryside has always been considered a grand affair and this aspect in our opinion is a simple one to implement in your space and has a huge impact on the aesthetics. We recommend getting a solid wood dining table like the Barrett and pairing it with a mix of seating. For example, if your table is large enough to seat six, consider using a couple of armchairs or Parsons chairs at the head in addition to a matching bench and two cross-back or upholstered side chairs on the side.  

Don’t know what to buy? The Mercana Marketplace now has Dining Sets based on the Farmhouse design style that you can purchase as a collection. 


#10 Décor & Accessories Inspired by the Countryside 

The easiest and the most budget-friendly way to complete the farmhouse look for your space is by including a few accessories and décor pieces that are inspired by the countryside. From an oversized statement piece from the Equestrian Scenes series to a pair of bookends from the Youngstown series, the Mercana Marketplace is home to a plethora of accessories and décor pieces that will help you complete the Farmhouse look and add a touch of ‘country’ to your space. 


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