It’s been a week since the last day of the HighPoint Spring Market 2019 and we cannot wait to share this list of our best-selling products from the market with you.  


Well, a little birdie told us that you want to elevate your interior décor game, and we certainly want to help! 

 Ready? Here goes… 


#1 Value Collector  

 Inspired by vintage calligraphy and signage, the Value Collector series is a curation of eclectic, made-to-order canvas art pieces that are guaranteed to be a conversation starter in any space.  

The Value Collector Series

Want to add this to your space? Choose your pick here. 


#2 Odin 

The Odin series, a collection of exceptionally crafted velvet sofas and chairs for the living room, is one that personifies luxury. That explains why furnishings from this series have been on every ‘bestsellers’ list since their first appearance in 2017.  

 The Odin Series of Living Room Furniture

Love this? Check out the Odin Sofa in Stone Grey or Cream 


#3 Sitka 

A striking amalgamation of functionality, visual appeal and versatility is what best describes the Sitka shelving unit. Since the Sitka’s first appearance in our Summer Catalogue in 2018, it has been a hot pick for modern spaces and continues to be so even today.  

Want more? The Trey series of furnishings complement the Sitka shelving unit perfectly.  

The Sitka Shelf and Starburst Chandelier


#4 Starburst 

An industrial-inspired piece from our Summer 2018 collection, the Starburst is a magnificent, sputnik-style chandelier with a radiant charm to it. Guaranteed to set the ambiance to ‘just right’, the Starburst has earned a spot in every ‘bestsellers’ list since its launch. 

Get yourself the Starburst or another amazing chandelier, here. 


#5 Solitaire  

 A bold collection of over-sized framed art pieces inspired by the charm and glamour of an artsy deck of cards, the Solitaire series is one that looks great on any wall, in literally any space.  

 The Solitaire Series

Want to get your hands on this? Check them out on the Mercana Marketplace, here. 


#6 Hollandsworth  

A fine example of the results of intricate craftsmanship and premium composition, the Hollandsworth is an amazing sideboard that deserves a spot in the ritziest of dining rooms. Released alongside other products as part of our Winter ’18 collection, the Hollandsworth has been one of our most popular sideboards and we predict that it will continue to be so, thanks to its timeless charm.  

Check out the Hollandsworth and more sideboards from the Mercana Marketplace, here.

The Hollandsworth & The Reinhold

#7 Reinhold 

The Reinhold series, comprising of living room and accent furniture, combines the elegance of marble with the visual charm of antiqued metal polishes, making it an innovative and trending collection from our Winter ‘19 release.  


#8 Water Horses 

An exclusive from the Studio M line, the Water Horses series is an exquisite curation of framed photographs inspired by woodlands and horses.  Ranging from pieces that have a lively and energetic vibe to pieces that have a thought-provoking one, the Water Horses series is a vast collection that is growing in popularity.  

 The Water Horses Series

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#9 Olympus 

Prudently designed while keeping the comfort and simplicity factors in mind, the Olympus series of living room chairs is not only a bestseller from the HighPoint market but is also one that has been trending on the Mercana Marketplace since its launch earlier this year.  

The Olympus Series

#10 Aromaticum  

The Aromaticum, a collection of mirrors sold as a set, has been one of our trending products since it was first introduced as a part of our Winter ‘18 collection. Made to turn mundane walls into masterpieces, the Aromaticum is a set you’ll want to instantly get your hands on!



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