When trying to set-up the perfect living room, it is important to base your purchases on two factors – comfort and visual appeal (…in that order of priority). Through this beginner’s guide, we intend to shed some light on the various available types of accent chairs in the market and in turn help you choose the right accent chair(s) for your space – one that will have you lounging on it all day long.  

Accent chairs are uniquely designed chairs that serve as extra seating in a space as well as aid in introducing a touch of contrast in your space. They are available in countless styles, colors, patterns, fabrics and textures, allowing you to showcase your mood or personality in a space by using just a chair or two.  

In addition to introducing contrast, accent chairs are great when you’re hosting people and need extra seating. For all these reasons and more, accent chairs are now a popular sight in not just living rooms and common spaces, but also entryways, bedrooms and reading nooks.  

Making the right choice is always difficult when there are so many options to choose from. Here are a few questions we recommend you ask yourself when trying to buy the perfect accent chair that reflects your personality and fits just right in your space: 

  • Where will the chair(s) be placed? 
  • How much space can you spare for the chair while still having space to walk around? 
  • What are your style requirements? 
  • What is the purpose of the chair? Will it be used to lounge for hours at a time, or just as an occasional extra seat? 
  • What colors/patterns are you inclined towards? What upholstery do you prefer? 
  • Does the chair of your choice represent your style, mood or personality? 
  • Is the chair ‘comfortable’ as per your preference? 


In addition to these questions, having a basic understanding of the common types of accent chairs available in the market will help you shortlist the style that suits you best. Here are a few common types of accent chairs available in the market, and on the Mercana Marketplace: 


The Club Chair 

A ritzy choice of accent furniture, the club chair is one of the most common types of accent chairs that can be commonly spotted alongside a sofa in the living room or coupled as a set of two in a media room or reading corner.  

The typical club chair features extra deep seats and armrests wrapped in leather or fabric upholstery that complements the exceptional fill and padding, resulting in an uber-comfortable seating experience. When combined with throw pillows, the club chair makes for the perfect spot to relax, especially for those who like resting their feet on the floor and prefer maintaining an upright seating posture.  

The Rupert, a posh club chair featuring poly-linen wrapped seating perched to an antiqued-gold toned frame, is our most popular club chair that we recommend checking out. It can be paired with the Silhouette set of accent tables to make space for your coffee mug and favorite novel.  


The Wingback 

A luxurious addition to any space, the wingback or wing-back chair is one that can be easily distinguished from any other type. Typically, wingback chairs are upholstered armchairs with a high back and winged sides. Originally, the wings were designed as protection against direct heat from fireplaces, but wingback chairs are now just as likely to be found anywhere else in the house as they would next to fireplaces. Wingback chairs are usually wrapped in snugly fit fabric with tufts on the backrest for added comfort, so you can lounge like a king on his throne! 

The Huron II, a stunning wingback chair from the Mercana Marketplace, features plush fabric wrapped seating braced by a wooden frame and is a recommended choice for those seeking a new wingback chair.   



Designed especially for shorter people who prefer keeping their feet on the ground, the slipper chair can be distinguished by its sleek silhouette and missing armrests. Slipper chairs are basically armless, upholstered chairs with short legs that typically have wide rectangular seats and backrests.  

Slipper chairs don’t take up much of floor space, are comfortable and create the illusion of openness because they don’t have arms like the other accent chairs. In addition to this, most slipper chairs can be moved around occasionally when the need for extra seating arises.  

The Lawrence, featuring a faux-leather wrapped seat perched atop a metal frame, is a popular choice among our customers.  


The Barrel Chair 

Designed keeping comfort in mind, the barrel chair looks like it is cut out from a barrel, thanks to its curved, half-moon shape. A design concept that looks fabulous in almost any space, the barrel chair typically features a high back and raised arm rests with plush fabric or premium leather upholstery complemented by plentiful padding. 

The Sloan I, a stylish barrel chair from the Mercana Marketplace featuring a grey toned fabric-wrapped seat and back braced by a wooden frame. Because it offers unparalleled comfort, the Sloan I has remained one of our most popular barrel chairs for quite some time now.  


The Bergère Chair 

The Bergère chair is a French style armchair featuring an upholstered back that is fitted with a loose, tailored cushion. These timeless looking chairs typically flaunt sturdy wooden frames with elegant curves that add to the visuals of the chair. Available in many styles, patterns, and combinations, Bergère chairs can be ornate or minimalistic with neutral tones – basically, there’s one for everyone! 

Check out the Eaton II, a stunning Bergère chair from the Mercana Marketplace, that features plush linen wrapped seating atop a wooden frame.  


Chair and a Half 

A concept intended for those that love curling up or putting their feet up on the seat, the chair and a half can be easily distinguished by its wide seat and backrest that is almost as wide as one and a half chairs.  

These chairs work great in reading nooks, media rooms and in living rooms when you want to put your feet up, relax and binge Game of Thrones all day long. We recommend the Michigan, an amazing chair and a half from the Mercana Marketplace that features a tufted, fabric-wrapped body with plentiful padding if you’re looking for a new addition to your space. 


Now that you know the different types, we recommend you shortlist the kind that you believe would suit your needs. Next, make simple changes to your search. Instead of searching for “accent chairs” search for specific terms like “barrel chair” or use the filters on the Mercana Marketplace to view your favorite kind of chairs, making it easier for you to choose.

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