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Add some color, definition and drama to your space!  This is your chance to give your home that something extra that makes people notice.  

Netflix binge or the perfect nap station? Either way – choosing the right couch is oh so important. Discover our Living Furniture that includes everything from couches & coffee tables to media consoles, sideboards & end tables.

Food tastes better when its prepared in a dreamy kitchen, right? Kitchen islands, rolling carts & bar stools – everything needed to entertain the next great Master Chef.

Bon appetit! Get ready to host an Insta-worthy dinner party with dining furniture for every style.

Your home is your personal art gallery. Browse our bespoke pieces to help you curate your own home. 

Clutter is everywhere you look.  We’ve designed stylish accessories to help you manage the mess.  Disguise your mess in our beautiful baskets, boxes, or display trays.

Stunning pieces to add a warm and welcoming feel while adding a touch of bespoke curation to your home.

Candles can elevate and add instant warmth to a room. Who says you need a special occassion to light some candles? Not us. Set the mood by dimming the lights.

Lighting is a key in setting the stage and creating a mood. Be delighted by our bespoke lighting collection.

Looking to add texture and design interest?  Browse our unique mirrors, clocks and wall accessories that will add interest and that “wow” factor to your space.

For nearly 20 years, Mercana has produced Framed Art and Canvas.  If you’re looking for a unique piece to be the center of attention look no further.