Do you feel like your living room needs an upgrade?  If your gut says it needs a revamp, chances are, it probably does. 

We’re going to keep this post short so you can read it on the go. Basically, we just want to help you come home to a better living room!  

Ready? Here it is… 


#1 Get Rid of Clutter 

Clutter should be the first obstacle to tackle when you’re trying to improve your living room. Look around, there are so many things you haven’t used in months (…or years!). Get some motivation by reading an article or two about decluttering and just go for it. If nostalgia is the only reason you can’t get rid of something, consider donating the item as this will surely make you feel better. 


#2 Invest in Statement Seating 

Don’t settle for a cheap couch or sectional. You’ll be surprised to see how the right statement pieces will elevate your space. We recommend a prudently designed and robustly constructed couch or sectional in earth tones that offers unparalleled comfort.  

Want inspiration? Check out our blog the Top 5 Sofas and Sectionals. 


#3 Capture the Light 

Before you set out to make changes to your living room, identify all the natural light sources and build your room accordingly. The goal is to let enough light into the house so using heavy, dark drapes may not be the best idea.  


#4 Add Color with Accent Furniture 

From a wingback chair to a rolling cart – anything works. Depending on what color and how much of it you’d like to add to your living room, your options and choices may vary.  


#5 Switch to a Sleek TV 

If you haven’t heard, TVs are now really sleek and really affordable. So, if you’re using one of those boxy CRTs from centuries ago, it’s time to upgrade. And when you do get that sleek new TV, mount it on the wall and tuck away the wiring or hide it efficiently for a neat look. 


#6 Invest in Practical Furnishings 

If you’ve got a toddler at home who aims to be the next Picasso, it’s probably not a great idea to have a white leather sofa that cost you a fortune. Can’t connect the dots? Read up on our post – Fabric Vs Leather Sofa 

Basically, invest in furnishings that can be a part of your lifestyle and take the wear and tear caused by daily use.  


#7 Create Your Own Space 

If your space isn’t a reflection of who you are, you spent your money on a showroom set-up. The problem with showroom set-ups? It’s just not you. If you really want to unwind at the end of the day in a space you call yours, take the time to personalize it. 


#8 Include Metallic Accents 

Antiqued Gold, Antiqued Brass, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper. Anything Does. Metallic accents when included subtly in any space look gorgeous and add a touch of radiance to your space. Don’t believe us? Check out our set-up ‘The Green Room’ which is a miraculous juxtaposition of wood and antiqued-gold accents. 


#9 Use Dark Paint 

Darker shades of paint like Navy, Nightwatch, Olive and Stone can help your space look chic. We recommend researching before acting. Also, we do want to point out that dark colors aren’t for everyone. Sure, they look great but remember how we said that your space should reflect who you are? Let’s keep that in mind. 

Here are a couple of inspirations for spaces with darker walls.  


#10 Get a Rug 

A rug helps introduce texture, color, and warmth into a room. It may well be the reason your ‘house’ isn’t your ‘home’ yet.  Ok, maybe not exactly that. But rugs are important. Find yourself a good one here 


#11 Clean up the Walls 

In addition to regular cleaning and paint touch-ups, it is important to refresh your walls by taking down any art that or décor that you do not resonate with anymore.  If you’ve got a memory collection up on the wall, considering putting up new photos and replacing your least favorite ones from time to time. Also, don’t forget to wipe clean frames – you’ll be surprised how dirty they get. 


#12 Invest in a Sideboard 

If your space is smaller than average, invest in a sideboard for storage. They’re great because they run along walls or hide behind sofas whiles storing a bunch of your stuff. In addition to storage, sideboards have a surface so you can display some stylish décor.  


#13 Try Open Shelving 

Open shelves work magic in the living room. In addition to adding a touch of chic to your space and creating the illusion of openness, an open shelf will motivate you to keep your belongings organized since your guests can see what’s on the shelves!  


#14 Leave Space to Walk Around 

This is simple. Ensure you and your guests can walk around your living room without risk of tripping and falling over.  


#15 Include Some Plants 

Plants are great – Biologically, Visually and in every other aspect there is. We recommend Cacti (If you don’t have kids) and Succulents. Placing smaller plants in plant stands can also give you the opportunity to subtly add some extra décor.  


#16 Swap Chairs for Benches 

A bench is versatile and can be used at your dining table as seating, for extra seating in the living room, as an entryway table, …you get the point.  


#17 Find Some Interesting Cushions 

Just like rugs, cushions can add color, texture, and pattern to your space. We recommend mixing things up with throw pillows and blankets.  


#18 Choose Long Curtains 

Yeah, long curtains that are an inch short of touching the floor are almost always better than short curtains. Full-length curtains give your house a composed look and add a touch of elegance to your space.  


#19 Clean the Windows 

Smudgy windows are just as bad as (or worse) a dusty tabletop or couch. Use a store-bought window cleaner and wipe away! Thank us for this obvious reminder later. 


#20 Swap the Wall Art 

Think about it this way – Every home you visit has an oversized wall art piece. We recommend swapping wall art for mirror collections or curiosity closet worthy décor pieces. Trust us on this, you won’t regret it. Check out some collection mirror ideas in one of our most-read posts from 2018 – Top 5 Collection Mirrors 

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