As a company, Mercana believes in making investments for the future and this thought process has always helped us jaunt a step ahead of the competition. From a brand-new online marketplace to improvements to our warehouse and fulfillment processes, each new upgrade is considered a stride towards the future. Our latest (and undoubtedly our biggest) stride is one that we are ecstatic to announce – The Internship Program.

For the last few months, we’ve worked to bring to life a concept that has excited us unlike any other – a full-fledged, hands-on, paid internship program for professionally curious individuals looking to make their mark in the industry.

Excited? There’s more. Read on. We’ve got all the details and more for you, below.

What is Mercana’s Internship Program?

A four-month-long, full-time (or part-time for the right person) paid gig in the field of Marketing, Art & Photography, Design or Business Intelligence & Information Technology.


What’s Special About the Internship Program?

Our Internship Program, (unlike others in the industry) is looking to give you the chance to accelerate your career and show the world what you have to offer.  We’re not interested in a short term result where “Internship” is a bullet point on your resume and all you’ve done is help perform mundane tasks like those guys want.  We’re literally looking for the future of our company and we’re prepared to give you the autonomy, training and encouragement to do so.  If you have the drive to have a long-lasting, professional career growing with a company that’s on the move, then read on.


Who is a Good Fit?

At Mercana, we’re a team that works hard and plays hard. We never forget the fun elements of work and always have time and appreciation for laughs. For us, no idea is stupid and we always make time for a brainstorming session.

We’re looking for recent graduates and those finishing-up on their studies soon to join our team. If you’re a self-starter who is professionally curious, you’re already on our pool of shortlisted interns. Read on for role-specific details.


What’s in it for you?

We promise you a friendly, safe and exciting work environment that fosters employee development and personal growth with unlimited mentorship from team leaders.

We’ve got a full-size snack bar that’s always full, an unlimited supply of coffee & cold beverages to keep your hunger at bay and exclusive, employee discounts on all our products.

But that’s not all. We understand that these things don’t pay your bills. Thus, we PAY you for your effort and ensure we compensate you fairly. In addition to this, we’re happy to offer a full-time position to our candidates should both parties agree on a suitable career path.


Here are some of the roles we’re currently looking to fill :


1. Marketing & E-Commerce Intern


The funnest team at Mercana is looking for a right-brained, self-starter to bamboozle our clientele with stellar content and copy that adds to the existing efforts of our marketing and e-commerce team. Moreover, the role includes assisting the Marketing Manager and working with the rest of the e-commerce and marketing team to execute email marketing campaigns, advertising and promotional campaigns, and print marketing campaigns.


The ideal candidate will have –

  • A degree/diploma in marketing, communications or other related disciplines. (if you’re still pursuing a degree, we’re confident you’ll do great and we encourage you to work with us while you study).
  • Basic understanding of marketing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Strong verbal and written communication with the ability to put across a message in a clear, concise manner to the consumer.
  • The ability to think out of the box and have fun while doing so.


2. Product & Lifestyle Photography Intern


Our photographers are something special. No, really.


A team that never fails to surprise with their unique lifestyle shoots and detailed product photography, the Mercana creative team is one that any photography enthusiast will have loads of fun being a part of. You’ll have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of product and lifestyle photography and help us improve our existing catalogs with some of your brilliant ideas.

The ideal candidate will have –

  • A good understanding of the operation of a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop and/or other editing software.
  • A basic understanding of Lightroom would be a plus.
  • Great ideas, imagination and the natural tendency to think out of the box.

3. Product Design Intern


Because Mercana is a “design first” company, our design team is truly, the heart of the company. The design team constantly creates stellar new designs and makes every effort to ensure that Mercana’s line-up is a trendsetter. A dynamic team that is always up to something cool, to say the least, is one that any young designer would enjoy being a part of. Moreover, our designers travel to Asia approximately four times a year, maybe you could too if that’s something you’re interested in.


The ideal candidate will have –

  • The ability to stay organized and stay on top of product development to market with the team.
  • Excellent sketching and design skills
  • A good understanding of colors, finishes, materials, and fabrics
  • The ability to work well on a team and collaborate on ideas
  • Ability to juggle between multiple projects throughout the product creation cycle
  • Basic understanding of Computer-Aided Design

4. Information Technology Support Intern


Our IT team is the backbone of our operational infrastructure and is an energetic team that constantly works on improving the efficiency and productivity of every aspect of the business. If problem-solving and troubleshooting is your forte, you’d fit right in. Why? Because we’ve got problems for you to solve on a daily basis – problems that when solved, help us function smoothly as an organization.


The right candidate will have –

  • A degree/diploma in IT, Information Systems or other related disciplines. (if you’re still pursuing a degree, we’re confident you’ll do great and we encourage you to work with us while you study).
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and logic.
  • The ability to multi-task and manage time between various problems and tasks.
  • The ability and willingness to assist with day-to-day troubleshooting like password resets, printer configurations etc.
  • Previous experience as a Teacher’s Assistant or IT Help Desk Assistant is a plus.

Think you’d be a great fit for one of these positions? Apply today by sending us a note at (don’t forget to attach your most recent resume) so we can see what you’ve got!

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