If the sofa is your first choice as a nap station, lounge space, reading pad or dinner table, you’ll know how important choosing the right sofa or sectional is.

Like most families, if your family spends all its time around a sofa, you’ll want to check out our top picks from our latest collection for when you want to upgrade or need a change.

The Top 5 Sofas & Love Seats by Mercana for the Fall of 2018 are:


ODIN IV – 67931


Odin IV Sofa

ODIN IV is an all wood, durable yet stylish sofa with velvet cover in a soft grey-colored tone


After ODIN chairs peaked in popularity, we took no time to introduce the matching sofa. The ODIN IV flaunts a plush, soft grey velvet cover on an all wood frame that personifies luxury living. The sturdy, all wood frame on the ODIN IV guarantees durability and longevity.

The legs, on which the frame and cover are stowed, are made of antiqued brass metal that complement the velvet and contribute to the durability of the ODIN IV.

The royal feel of velvet and the comfort offered by the ODIN IV reserves a spot for it on this list.




Cochrane II Sofa

The COCHRANE II is a premium sofa made from espresso brown premium top-grain leather.


With a perfectly stuffed, handcrafted wood frame chassis covered in ritzy top-grain leather, the COCHRANE II combines durability with luxury and comfort. The body is anchored to solid iron legs finished in a matte silver tone that complement the espresso tone leather.

Soft, espresso colored pillows also come standard with the COCHRANE II to cushion you from all sides and ensure comfort of the highest degree. The sofa can be paired with the COCHRANE chair for extra seating to accommodate the whole family.

The overall look, functionality and simplicity of the COCHRANE II makes it a mention worthy product.


HORACE II – 67934


Horace II Sofa

The HORACE II is a premium leather sofa that flaunts a sophisticated diamond pattern stitch.


Since the HORACE Chair was so popular, we decided it was time to introduce the HORACE Sofa, a symbol of meticulously designed luxury. The HORACE II boasts of premium, top-grain leather with an intricate diamond style stitch on the seating.

The plush leather is fixed to a brass colored solid iron frame that not only ensures durability and stability but is also a dazzling feature that you can’t miss.

The sides of the frame are equipped with wooden arm rests for added comfort. The HORACE II comes standard with premium quality suspension and cushioning which makes it the perfect companion to rest on at the end of a long day.

This classy, leather stitched sofa with a brass frame, earns its place on the list for its luxurious and elegant visual appeal.




Chauncey II Sofa

The CHAUNCEY II is a premium Moroccan leather couch with vertical double stitching that easily qualifies an icon of luxury and comfort


Inspired by our popular CHAUNCEY chair, this couch flaunts superior quality Moroccan leather that is vertically double stitched. The intricate design and exceptional quality leather allow the CHAUNCEY to earn its spot in the most luxurious of living spaces. This ritzy piece of furniture also comes with premium brown leather arms accented with riveted metal that give the CHAUNCEY a hint of ‘classic’.

A sturdy, stuffed body provides the highest degree of comfort, making it the perfect cushioned-companion at the end of a long day.

Intricate stitching, quality of leather and overall comfort are all reasons that contribute to this sofa’s success and spot on the list.


MALLEK III – 50429


Mallek III sofa

The Malek III is a meticulously handcrafted poly-linen fabric covered couch with a solid Indian hardwood frame


If you like soft fabric, the MALLEK III’s poly-linen fabric will be one of the first things you notice about it. The cushions are larger than standard size and contain quality filling and spring. The fabric is textured and comes standard with a Beige tone. The MALLEK III’s body is rested on a solid Indian hardwood frame that ensures durability and makes for a great napping station.

With arm rests and cushions that are finished with brass tacks to complete the look, you’ll truly be resting like the Maharajas (kings) on this one after a long day.

The MALLEK III subtly represents luxury which is the primary reason for its spot on this list.


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