A few weeks ago, we posted a look book photo of a living space inspired by the Mercana Modern design style on our social media. This was called ‘the green room’ because of the beautifully painted green wall in the photo. Since we posted the photo, we’ve had many customers ask questions related to the products shown in the photo. Thus, we decided to write an article on the green room.

Before we look at each product individually, let’s talk about the inspiration and design style behind this room.


What design style does the room follow?


The room we’re looking at is decorated based on the Mercana Modern design style.

The Mercana Modern design style is a twist on the classic mid-century modern style which brings together modern clean lines with rustic warm finishes.

The Mercana Modern style encourages the use of different materials, especially in a combination to achieve the objective of clean lines and rustic warmth. For example, the juxtaposition of wooden and metallic items is common in the Mercana Modern style of design.

Now that we know a little bit about the design style, let’s dive into the details. Here are some of the products from the Mercana marketplace that make this room stand out:


#1 Arrow I – 67688


A rectangular top made from quality Indian Mango Wood, a gold-colored base and exquisite meals are standard with the Arrow I. The Arrow’s all wood top is supported by an antique gold colored, X-shaped metal base that guarantees sturdiness.

At a standard height of 30 inches with a top that caters to a party of four, Arrow I is the ideal choice for smaller families looking to elevate their dining experience.

The dark polish on the wood and the brass finished base are a fine example of the juxtaposition of wood and metal in the Mercana Modern style of design.


#2 Arrow II – 67689


Made from the same components as the Arrow I, the Arrow II is a bench from the Arrow series. The Arrow II promotes a more modern vibe as compared to the orthodox chair seating.

Choosing a bench style seating for the dining table will also help in making the room look more spacious.


The Arrow Series Dining Experience & Duke II Dining Chairs

The Arrow Series Dining Experience & Duke II Dining Chairs


#3 Duke II (Set of 2) – 67507


The Duke II dining chairs are a set of two chairs that go perfectly well with the Arrow dining table and bench seat.

Made from durable Indian hardwood with antiqued brass-gold metal accents, the Duke II contributes to a comfortable and posh dining experience when combined with the Arrow series. The wide seat and back rest on the Duke II sports a slight curve which helps maintain a healthy posture and makes up for lack of stuffed cushioning.

While most may prefer having a combination of chair and bench seating, we must mention the fact that having a four-chair seating will look just as good.


#4 Charlize – 67045


The Charlize, one of our favorite rolling carts, has an ‘X’ shaped base with black and gold accents all over the frame. It looks ritzy, thanks to the two mirrored shelves that hold everything from cutlery to cocktails. With four castor wheels, the Charlize not only looks appealing but also caters to functionality and convenience.

The dual colored accents make it the perfect choice for the green room or any other modern space. So, how would you like your Martini – Shaken or Stirred?


#5 Arondale – 67797


Arondale, a set of 3 metal objects each with their own pattern, stamped into a metal block with a champagne finish, is our choice of décor piece in the green room. The Arondale set goes well with the other pieces in the room considering the brass-gold metallic finish on it.

The Arondale is a set of 3 – sized Small, Medium and Large.


From Left to Right : The Dynes Sideboard, Arondale & Charlize, Skylark II Wall Clock

From Left to Right : The Dynes Sideboard, Arondale & Charlize, Skylark II Wall Clock


#6 Dynes II – 50425


Storage space and cabinetry is a necessary element in most living spaces. The Dynes II, a sharp looking accent cabinet made from Indian hardwood, is where functionality meets visual appeal.

The antiqued gold iron base that supports the cabinet ensures durability and stability and makes the Dynes II a perfect choice for modern living spaces. Tastefully finished modern hinges and removable shelves on the Dynes II ensure multiple storage options.


#7 Doret – 70012


An area rug can do wonders if you’re trying to make your space look modern with a touch of posh.

The Doret, a handwoven Indian dhurrie rug maid from braided jute, cotton and leather is the one we’ve chosen for the green room. Jute is a soft, natural fiber from India that adds to the comfort aspect of the Doret.

Sold in a standard cut of 8 x 10, the Doret makes for a great area rug in a modern space.


#8 Cary – 67871


Lighting is the most important part of any setting. In the modern design style, lighting plays an especially important role because it highlights the juxtaposition of different materials used in the space and exposes the accents on each material.

Cary, our choice of lighting for the green room, is an amazing light fixture that not only provides the right amount of radiance but also gives the space a ritzy feel. With 7 illuminating glass globes (8” in diameter), the Cary is strategically designed to maximize overall lighting in a room.


CARY Lighting Fixture

CARY Lighting Fixture


#9 Skylark II – 63152


The Skylark II, an over-sized wall clock with curved brass spokes mounted to a slate black clock face, is our choice of functional wall décor for the green room. The Skylark’s crisp brass finish not only goes well with the other furniture in the room but also complements the green wall, making it a great choice for modern spaces.


#10 Topography – 101159


Topography is a series of canvas art pieces inspired by (as the name suggests) the arrangement of natural and artificial physical features of an area. In the green room, we decided to use both pieces in the series side by side to cover a larger area of the wall. Topography is also available in a smaller size.


Topography Wall Decor

Topography Wall Decor


#11 Bougeoir II – 67136


Simply hanging a great piece of art on your wall maybe enough for some, but for others it is important to make sure the lighting that surrounds the piece highlights its true beauty.

To highlight the wall art, we chose our Bougeoir wall sconces in the green room. The Bougeoir wall sconces have a brass toned metal frame and a translucent glass shade that account for unparalleled visual appeal.

The simplicity of the Bougeoir series ensures a spot for it in most modern styled spaces.


Sconces from the Bougier Series

Sconce from the Bougioer Series


Check out more such room inspirations on our instagram or facebook and if there’s a room you’d like us to write more on, let us know in the comments!