So, you’re thinking of buying a sofa and are paranoid about making the wrong choice. You don’t even know whether you should get a leather sofa or a fabric one, let alone knowing what style you want.   

 It’s important to remember these three things before you read further:  

  • Breathe. You’re not alone.   
  • This article talks about Leather vs Fabric. That’s it. If you know what you want, jump to the article that talks about sofa styles here 
  • Your pick between leather and fabric will depend on things like your lifestyle, comfort, budget and more. There’s no right or wrong, just right for you or wrong for you.   

 Now that you’re not panicking, let’s dive right in and find out what’s right for you – Leather or Fabric 


1. Maintenance   


One of the most important things to consider when buying a couch or sofa is the maintenance associated with the style and material used. Usually, maintenance depends on your lifestyle, and in some cases, how clumsy you are.   

When trying to make a choice solely based on maintenance, it is important to understand that irrespective of the material of your choice, the higher the quality of the material, the better is the resistance to factors like scratches, tears, rips, and fading. So, spend that extra bill and get a couch that’s made with material of supreme quality.   


Fabric Sofa  

Maintaining fabric sofas is no joke if you have kids (or you spill food around like a kid) or pets. An untrained cat’s claws can be your sofa’s worst enemy and will give it an antiqued look within a few months. However, if you don’t have kids or pets (and you’re a responsible adult), fabric sofas can be easy to maintain with just a vacuum or steam clean every now and then. If you’re dealing with spills, you’re also more likely to find more cleaning products for fabric than leather (they’re usually cheaper too).  


Leather Sofa  

Leather sofas are a great choice if you have pets because they’re much more resistant to scratches than fabric. However, in case you don’t have kids or pets and your decision is based solely on maintenance, something to remember is that dedicated care products for leather are fewer in number and are also slightly more expensive as compared to products made for fabric.   


2. Comfort  


We spend more time than we should on the couch, whether we’re bingeing our favorite shows, writing work emails or just finishing that leftover pizza – we’re on that sofa, a lot! Thus, comfort is a decision-making factor when trying to make a choice between leather and fabric sofas.  

It is important to keep in mind that although the material and texture slightly affect the comfort factor of a couch, it is primarily impacted by the frame, design, and construction.   


Fabric Sofa  

The comfort offered by a fabric sofa can totally depend on the quality of the material used and the weaving process of the fabric. If you’ve taken the premium route, you’re very likely to get plush, snuggly fitting fabric that makes you cozy. If you haven’t taken the premium route, you’re still going to be comfortable on a fabric sofa but for a shorter duration because of the inferior fill in the cushions.   



Whether in your car or at home, leather seating or sofas are going to adapt to your body temperature and absorb heat from the surroundings. So, you’re bound to feel slightly colder in the winter and slightly warmer in the summers. Is that a deal-breaker? Absolutely not! Premium leather sofas can be just as cozy as fabric ones.   



3. Color, Texture, and Pattern  


To some people, it can be important to have a room with a synchronized color scheme. While most people prefer easily available, neutral colors, there may be those who just need that Nightwatch Green or Coral toned masterpiece. This makes color an important factor in the choice of material.  



If you’re looking for a specific color, print pattern or texture, you’re more likely to find it on a fabric sofa. The different weaving pattern and dyes used in putting together fabric sofas, open up unlimited avenues in terms of color, texture or pattern.  



Although there’s quite some variety in tans and shades of leather, there are fewer options than in fabric. The texture on leather sofas is usually not as notable as the different textures available in fabric sofas. However, leather sofas are sure to make better anchor pieces in rooms that are surrounded by art and décor pieces because of the neutral colors and chic designs.  


4. Allergens


People with allergies will surely appreciate this reminder.  Didn’t think we’d leave you out, did you? 



If you’ve got allergies, fabric sofas may not be the best option for you. Fabric tends to hold dust mites, pet dander and other particles that may cause allergies. Unless you’re somebody who vacuums their couch every day, fabric maybe something you want to stay away from.  



Leather sofas are hypoallergenic, making them resistant to dust mites, pet dander, and most other allergens. Plus, just a clean wipe every now and then will get rid of any surface dust. Leather sofas are a better choice if you’re trying to stay away from allergens.   



5. Appearance   


There are thousands of designs for sofas in the market today and choosing a sofa based on the appearance may be tougher than ever. Our recommendation is that you look at the different styles and go with what appeals to you the most – there’s no right or wrong!  



Because fabric sofas are available in so many colors, patterns, and textures, they are a better choice if you’re trying to give your home a more contemporary look and feel.   



Leather sofas have limited tans and colors which make them exclusive in a way. Most leather sofas have fine lines that are complemented by the grain pattern on the leather, that gives the sofa a timeless, classic feel. If that’s the look you’re going after, leather is a good fit.  


Which One Should I Pick?  


Both leather and fabric have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on which one of the two will bring the most value to you. If you’re really struggling to decide, leave a comment on the post with any specific questions you may have, and we’ll get one of our Interior Specialists to help you out.   


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