Mirrors are one of many articles to be found in average households. Yet, not a lot of people spend time thinking about how mirrors make their home stand out. Mirrors don’t just help you validate your style choices but also reflect light, making rooms look brighter.

Collection mirrors can do wonders in terms of adding to the look of the house, giving it a bright, simple and airy feel. Plus, more mirrors mean more angles on the Tuxedo (or dress) you’re trying to check yourself out in.

If you’re seeking an upgrade to your wall décor with mirrors, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Below is a list of the Top 5 Collection Mirrors from the Mercana Marketplace based on popularity and customer preferences:


#1 Avalon

Best suited for walls with an elegant and lighter shade of paint, the Avalon is a collection of 3 pieces that can be combined to increase vertical or horizontal spread.

Avalon is derived from the welsh name “Afal”, which is often associated with the island where King Arthur’s legendary sword (Excalibur) was believed to be forged.

These tastefully crafted, champagne gold colored mirrors from the Avalon series can transform your space by giving it a royal and ritzy look.


#2 Sundance Cog

In the years that we’ve been in business, the Cog mirror line has been one of our most popular.

The Cog line is a collection of round mirrors in solid wood with a rustic finish that accentuates the teeth on the edge.

The Sundance Cog mirrors are available in three finishes and varying sizes to help you scale the length and width of the wall you choose. A white finish allows the natural wood grain to show, giving it a patterned visual appeal while the grey and black finishing help create a contrast in your mirror collection. If you prefer darker colors, you can reverse the color palette to use white pieces as a contrast enhancer.

If you’re looking for more variety, you can also pair the mirrors from the Sundance Cog series with our original Cog Mirror series for a more contrasting look.



#3 Lancaster

If you’re someone who appreciates geometrical designs, the Lancaster will appeal to you.

Thinking out of the box has always inspired us to design great products and the Lancaster is certainly a by-product of rebellious thinking. Available in three unorthodox yet soothing shapes, the Lancaster is a wooden framed mirror available in two finishes – Black and Light Wooden Brown.

The Lancaster series comprises of mirrors in the shape of a cross (or +), a hexadecagon and a hexagon which can be combined to create the perfect wall décor for your space.


#4 Orbit

Orbit Mirror Collection

Functionality is important when choosing the right mirror for your wall collection. If you’re more inclined towards the functionality side of things but still want a collection of mirrors for your walls, the Orbit series is one you’ll want to check out.

Orbit is a fun and functional series of mirrors featuring a ring of joined metal balls that seem to be orbiting the round mirror. There are three different finishes to choose from in this series – Matte Black, Metallic Bronze and Metallic Brass.


#5 Chevronna

The Chevronna series is eye candy for anyone that appreciates eccentric design.

With a natural wood frame and alternating squares of plain and antiqued mirror, the Chevronna series is a good choice for a dense wall décor. Available in a light brown as well as a darker wooden finish, the mirrors in this series can be mixed and matched to create the perfect mirror collection for your wall.

No matter what color your wall is, the Chevronna series’ design and finish does not fail to stand out and adds just the right amount of bling to your wall.

We hope you liked this list of collection mirrors. For more such lists, check out the Designer’s Picks section on our website.

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