If you’ve read our most recent blogs, you’re aware that we’re a little obsessed with dining rooms at the moment! We’re on a mission to help you find the perfect dining room furnishings for your space and this post should contribute to the cause as well!

In our first blog from the Dining & Bistro series, Buyer’s Guide to Dining Tables, we looked at the different types of dining tables available in the market and how you can choose the right one for your home based on size, style, and other factors. After reading the article, some of our readers wanted suggestions for dining tables from the Mercana Marketplace and that’s why we’ve come up with this article!

We’ve curated a list of the Top 5 Most Popular Dining Tables from the Mercana Marketplace with links and photos.


#1 Alistar – 67501-AB

Style: Round Top, Industrial

An industrial-inspired design, smooth curves and a juxtaposition of textures are what makes the Alistar so special. Finished in medium brown polish, the Alistar sports a solid Indian hardwood top mounted on an impressive iron center porch that is finished in a gunmetal grey polish. The visually appealing interesting, all-metal base is lined with antiqued-gold toned nail heads that add to the look of the Alistar.

The Alistar’s hardwood top flaunts a rich, slightly grainy texture that complements the smooth texture of the iron frame that supports it. Made to comfortably cater to four guests, the Alistar makes for a perfect dining experience in cozy spaces based on the Industrial design style.

#2 Barrett I – 67535

Style: Rectangle Top, Farmhouse

Our design goal for the last quarter of 2017 was simple – to create a series of modest pieces that would conveniently bring the countryside to your space. This goal was achieved when we curated the Barrett series of all wood, farmhouse-inspired furnishings.

One of two dining tables from the Barrett series of barndoor-inspired furniture, the Barrett I is a spectacular dining table crafted from high-quality Indian mango wood. Featuring a rectangular top finished in a natural brown tone with a slightly grainy texture, the Barrett I is large enough to comfortably cater to a party of four. The stylish hardwood top on the Barrett I is supported by a trestle style base that not only looks great but also introduces exceptional stability in the table. This simplistic and sturdy dining table pairs well with plenty of dining chairs, and is sure to be a head-turner in your space.


#3 Laurent II – 68238-AB

Style: Marble Top, Enduring Elegance

An absolute hit from the Winter ‘19 collection, the Laurent series is a uniquely designed collection of dining tables that was lauded by our customers, especially those who have been waiting for us to unveil a marble top dining table since our first attempt in 2017 with the Emslie dining table.

The Laurent II is a stunning, round dining table that features a beveled-edge marble top mounted atop a stylish, teardrop-shaped, slated iron base. The base, finished in an electro-plated brass tone, looks amazing in any space and is an instant eye-catcher. The unique combination of crackled white marble and brass accents on the Laurent II makes it a great fit for spaces based on the Enduring Elegance design style.

#4 Mcleod – 67145-AB

Style: Oval Top, Mercana Modern

A challenge that our design team took up in the summer of 2017 was to develop a collection of dining tables that featured timeless designs with a modern twist to them. This challenge birthed one of our most popular series – the Mcleod Series.

Exceptionally crafted from metal and wood, the Mcleod I is a remarkable dining table with an oval-shaped mango wood top that can cater to a party of six (or four, if you don’t use the ends). The naturally finished top is perched to a gunmetal grey toned, tapering solid-iron base that not only adds to the visuals of the table but also stabilizes it to perfection. An exceptionally built table that flaunts clean lines and is just as functional as it is visually appealing, the Mcleod I fits perfectly in spaces based on the Industrial and Mercana Modern design styles.

#5 Darcy – 67848

Style: Rectangular Top, Woodlands

What happens when a minimalistic design is fused with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship? The Darcy is brought to life.

Crafted from premium Indian mango wood and finished in a medium brown stain that highlights the grain and character of the wood, the Darcy is an amazing dining table featuring a smooth, rectangular table top braced by a four-legged solid wood frame and base. The simple design complements the Darcy’s all wood composition and makes it a great fit for spaces based on the Woodlands and Farmhouse design styles.

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