The Industrial design style is growing in popularity and has been spreading like wildfire not just in urban areas but also in more remote, secluded homes far from the reach of urban jungles. In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the basics of this design style so that you can rework your home as per the Industrial design style should it appeal to you!

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What is the Industrial Design Style?


The Industrial design style is by far the most interesting among vintage design styles as it combines old charms with modern designs, giving your space a timeless look. A mix of dark and neutral tones with iron furnishings sets the industrial design style apart from others. The inclusion of decor and lighting inspired by the industrial revolution is highly recommended when trying to set-up a space based on the Industrial design style. Leather sofas with metal cladding, pipe shelving, and filament bulb fixtures are some of the many, stunning pieces to be found in spaces influenced by this decor style.

Now that we know what the Industrial design style is, let’s look at some basic tips to implement this design aesthetic in your space.


#1 Exposed Ducts, Radiators and Pipes

If your apartment or loft has exposed ducts, radiators or pipes, you’re in luck! Homes during the industrial revolution were fairly basic in terms of construction, and false ceilings and hidden ducts were a rare sight – keep this in mind when styling your space.


#2 Basic Wood and Metal Furnishings

Dark stained solid wood and rustic primitive metals – these were the key materials used during the industrial revolution. It wasn’t until much later that modern dyes and materials were used to make furnishings with bright colored surfaces. We recommend that you invest in solid wood furnishings with dark metallic accents that help emulate a timeless vintage look.

Check out these industrially inspired living room pieces from the Mercana Marketplace.


#3 Experiment with Finishes

Weathered, rustic, antiqued and other vintage finishes go well the industrial design style. Consider investing in furnishings that flaunt these finishes to complete the look of your space. In addition to finishes, we also recommend experimenting with polishes that are inspired by the industrial revolution like copper, antiqued-gold, pewter and more.

#4 Believe in an Open Concept

Decluttered, open concept spaces work best when trying to implement an industrial look. If your space isn’t built based on this concept, consider blending the industrial style with a minimalistic approach to design. This way, you’ll only have the things you absolutely need in your space which will help create the illusion of a space designed as per the open concept.


#5 Creative Accent Furnishings

Although spaces based on the industrial design style predominantly comprise of neutral colors, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with colors when choosing accent furniture. A swivel or lounge chair for the living room, a bar cart for the dining room or maybe some pillows and linen for the bedroom can help break away from the ‘sometimes mundane’ look and feel of the industrial design style and add a touch of glam to it. We strongly recommend that you experiment with color and pattern when choosing accent pieces.

#6 Steel Lighting

Lighting fixtures crafted from stainless steel are perfect for spaces based on the industrial design style because it aligns with the all-metal composition of the space and has a high-gloss sheen to it that adds a touch of glam without introducing color. We recommend including a variety of stainless steel lighting fixtures, especially ones inspired by the industrial revolution in your space to complete the look.

Check out our collection of industrially inspired lighting, here.


#7 Rugs

Although exposed flooring is completely acceptable in industrial spaces, sometimes having an area rug is recommended as it contributes to giving your space a cozy feel. In case you do choose to include an area rug, we recommend neutral colors and simple patterns that do not take the attention away from the industrial setting. Here’s an elegant rug from the Mercana Marketplace that we’d recommend for your newly styled, industrial space.


#8 Vintage Art

Nothing speaks industrial as a stunning, oversized statement art piece inspired by the Industrial or Steampunk era. Adding a few accent decor pieces and a statement art piece to your space will help complete the look. Check out our collection of industrially inspired decor and art pieces, here.

That’s all we have for you in today’s article and we hope this article helps you build an industrial-looking space unlike any other. Watch out for more such articles that we’re planning to publish soon about the other design styles!

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