Motivated by the green room’s success, we decided to launch a new series of blogs called “Room Inspirations”. In this article from the room inspirations category, we’ll be looking at another popular room décor idea based on the Enduring Elegance design style.

Before we look at each product featured in The Elegant Room individually, let’s talk about the inspiration behind this set up.


What Design Style Does The Room Follow?


The Elegant Room is based on the Enduring Elegance design style and most of the products shown were created to primarily suit this design style. There are some products like the Skylark wall clock for example, which go well with other design styles as well.


What is the Enduring Elegance Design Style?


The Enduring Elegance design style is all about timeless, sophisticated luxury. This design style comprises of elegant pieces mixed with antique golds and pewters. Rooms based on the Enduring Elegance design style are whimsically romantic and glamorous, especially with our touch to it!


Now that we’ve gone over the design inspiration, let’s look at the products that make this room look fabulous.


Odin I – 67127



Nothing boasts elegance as effortlessly as Velvet does. Thus, for this room, we chose the uber-elegant Odin I chair seating.

The Odin I flaunts a plush, soft greige-colored velvet cover on a wooden frame that personifies luxury living.

An all wood, sturdy frame on the Odin I guarantees stability and longevity. The Odin I’s legs are made of antique-brass toned metal that complement the velvet and make the chair durable.

And for those who enjoy pillows on a sofa, the Borthwick is a great choice!


Skylark II – 63152


The Skylark II, an over-sized wall clock with curved brass spokes mounted to a slate black clock face, is our choice of functional wall décor for the elegant room. The Skylark’s crisp brass finish blends perfectly with the soothing, velvety look of the room and ensures that the spotlight isn’t taken away from the center of the room.


Bellefeuille II – 67142



Functionality and style are usually considered inversely proportionate entities to each other. However, the Bellefeuille II compromises on neither functionality nor style and is therefore a top pick for the elegant room.

With a whitewashed fir wood frame, subtle curves and exposed wood legs, the Bellefeuille II is a posh addition to this elegant space. The doors and sides are upholstered with a matching plush fabric that dons visually satisfying exposed brass nail heads.

The Bellefeuille II sports a multitude of functional elements like a full-size glass top and accented door rings. This stylish sideboard is part of the Bellefeuille collection that also includes a matching accent table and coffee table.


Doret – 70012


If you’re planning to decorate a room based on the Enduring Elegance design style, an area rug can help your cause.

The Doret, a handwoven Indian dhurrie rug made from braided jute, cotton and leather was our pick for the elegant room. Jute is a soft, natural fiber from India that adds to the comfort aspect of the Doret.

Because the Doret has a light-brown tone that blends well with the furniture in this room, we didn’t have to think twice before laying it on the floor!


Marshal I – 67043 & Marshal II – 67044


To ensure that the spotlight remains in the center of the room, we used the Marshal series of accent tables.

Both, Marshal I and Marshal II, feature black metallic sides and antique brass-toned frame joints that not just enhance stability, but also look great. The tables also flaunt a glass top, so you can place everything from your favorite décor to more everyday items like a cup of coffee and TV remotes.

The contrast in color between the marshal series and the rest of the furniture in the room reinforces that the spotlight always remains in the center and adds a touch of luxury to the room.


Dorado – 67321 & Draco – 67322


Lighting is an essential part of decorating any space and we could not help but pick the Dorado & Draco lamps for the elegant room.

Both, Dorado and Draco, feature glass and wood bases with a simple but elegant griege-toned fabric shade. The Dorado is a table lamp whereas the Draco is a full-size, floor lamp. The tone and accents on both the pieces blend well with the rest of the furniture in the room, especially with the Odin and Bellefeuille, making them a great choice for the elegant room.



Henley I – 57881, Henley II – 57882 & Henley III – 57883


The Henley series candle holder is our choice of center table décor for the elegant room. Available in three sizes – small, medium and large, the Henley candle stands can be displayed individually or as a collection.

The antique gold tone on the Henley series, complements the rest of the pieces in the room and is therefore seen atop the coffee tables in the center of the elegant room.


Tulle & Drappery – 100888-L


As a company that has been on the art & décor side of things for the last twenty years, we understand the effect that a piece of wall art can have on an entire room design.

For the elegant room, we’ve chosen to use the Tulle & Drappery canvas print pieces, which is made to order from the Meracana marketplace.


Apart from the items mentioned above, we’ve also showcased some smaller décor items like the Cariena, Serkis and Larue. You can find these items and many more to suit your liking here.

Larue - Enduring Elegance Style


This is all we have for you in this week’s room inspiration category.

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