Let’s face it, for those of us who live in rental homes, renovation and improvement can be tricky.

Some may say that investing a great amount of time, money and energy on something temporary may not be worth it. But again, rental or not, we all want our homes to look like they’re straight out of an architectural digest!

Impossible as it may sound, you can make your rental home look just as beautiful and personalized as any other with some neat hacks!


#1 Try a Fresh Coat of Paint


Examples of Subtle, Classic and Vibrant Wall Colors

Examples of Subtle, Classic, Textured and Vibrant Walls


Most rental homes don’t see a fresh coat of paint for years, even if there are multiple lease turnovers in this duration. When moving into a rental home, we recommend giving it a fresh coat of paint before anything else. You’d be surprised to see the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on the overall look and feel of your home.

Rentals are generally painted in mundane off-white or white paint so choosing to paint your walls gives you the option of customizing your space to suit your personality.

Light colors such as blues, lavenders and pinks give your walls a subtle and soothing look while colors like white, off-white and beige are classics and when added texture to, can make the room look posh. On the other hand, vibrant colors like Teal, Turquoise, Yellow and Green help reflect one’s personality almost immediately.

Advisory:  if you decide to paint your walls, your rental agent might ask you to re-paint it back to original when your lease runs out.


#2 Use Decorative Wall Art


Studio M by Mercana

Studio M by Mercana


Wall art has many benefits and is a great way to decorate your home without taking up any of the floor space. Apart from its decorative benefits, wall art also helps when you need to hide furniture marks, scratches, chips and scuffs that are commonly seen on walls in rental homes.

Whether it is a simple photo frame collection or just one large family portrait, it will help you personalize your rental home.

If you’re someone who appreciates art, you’ll love the Studio M line by Mercana. Our Studio M line is a collection of designs which are hand made, making every piece unique.

Wall clocks and mirror collections are also a great way to decorate your home that make your space look airy and posh. For our favorite collection mirrors and mirror art inspiration, read up on our blog “Designer’s Picks: Top 5 Mirror Collection”.

Tip: Using mounting tape and suction cup hooks is a great alternative to nails and screws for rental homes.


#3 Find an Area Rug


If you’re trying to add a touch of posh to your home, consider investing in an area rug for the living space. We assure you this will be the best money you’ve spent.

The general rule of thumb for area rugs is to measure the size of your seating area and buy a rug that’s one size up.  For a modern look, use smaller rugs that fit the front furniture legs (or no furniture legs).

Apart from aesthetic benefits, area rugs are also functional to an extent. They provide a soft surface to rest your feet on at the end of the day and are warmer to step on – in comparison to hardwood floor. Using two different area rugs can also help you divide your living and dining area without the need for a wall.

The Mercana Marketplace is home to a variety of area rugs available in different sizes. Find the perfect rug for you here.


#4 Experiment with Lighting


CARY Lighting Fixture

CARY Lighting Fixture with 8 Illuminating Spheres


Choosing the right kind of lighting is an important step in beautifying your rental. We recommend choosing an easy to set-up lighting fixture with multiple lights that helps make your space brighter.

In case bigger installments like chandeliers and fixtures are a problem, considerable alternatives are floor, sconce and table lamps.

Floor lamps can be moved around and are versatile, making them perfect for rental homes. Floor lamps are meant to highlight a corner of the room and add ‘height’ to the ceiling. Using a combination of floor lamps and sconces for your home is certainly, a practical approach that doesn’t compromise on the visual appeal factor.

Check out the many lighting options available on the Mercana Marketplace, here.


#5 Get an Indoor Plant


Obviously, this one is a no brainer. Plants make everything look more beautiful. Apart from the visual benefits, plants also have many health benefits. Small indoor plants like succulents help you breathe easier by producing oxygen while many others simply cleanse the air.

An Aloe Vera plant is another option for homes because it not only looks nice but also because of its property to help heal small cuts and burns (aloe gel). If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, the Spider plant is a good choice!


These were all the tips we have for you in this article on beautifying your rental home and for more such articles, follow our blog!

If you have any other tips that could help our readers or any questions for us, leave a comment below.