In our first blog this week, we shared 10 great tips to help you improve the look and feel of your dining room. Today, we have Part II for you, which is another curation of some great tips for a better dining room! 


Here’s Part II of the 20 Easy Steps to a Better Dining Room. 



#11 Mix & Match 

If you’re the kind that goes out furniture shopping without any inspiration and planning, this one’s for you. When buying furnishings for the dining room, people often purchase whole sets that contain pieces from the same series – meaning that they’re made of the same materials and finished in the same polishes. This makes your dining room look like a model room at a retail store. We recommend doing your research, considering your options and choosing pieces that aren’t identical but complement each other and reflect your personality. 


#12 Invest in a Bar Cart

No matter what design style your space is based on, you can always find a great bar cart to go with. And who are we kidding? Bar carts make a night of drinks more fun! If you’re considering adding a bar cart to your dining room (which we strongly recommend you do), remember that you can use it as an accent piece and add color to your space. For example, if you have dark-stained solid wood furnishings in your dining room, try including a bar cart with antiqued-gold or brass accents that will help mix things up a little bit. We’ve got several options for the perfect bar cart for your space on the Mercana Marketplace.

#13 Swap Your Solid Wood Table

… For a Marble or Slate table. If you’re trying to create an elegant dining space, it is a good idea to swap your solid wood table with a stunning, white marble-top or natural slate-top table as they look chic and can be paired with the ritziest of chairs. The Laurent series of marble-top tables, a fresh launch from our Winter ’19 collection, is one you wouldn’t want to miss!


#14 Add a Statement Chandelier

Lighting plays a vital role in making a room appear more luxurious. In addition to providing sufficient lighting at the dinner table, a statement chandelier also helps set the tone of decor for your dining room and adds to the visual appeal of the space. Finding a posh chandelier that complements the furnishings in the room and emulates the perfect ambiance can be difficult and time-consuming, but once you do find the perfect match, your dining room will look exceptional!

#15 Upgrade Your Windows

Well, not really the windows but definitely your window treatments and hardware. Choose the thickness and color of the curtains depending on the amount of natural light your dining room is exposed to. If you want to add a little more of the accent color, swap regular curtain rods with gold-toned curtain rods.


#16 Do Up the Ceiling 

The ceiling can be a whole new canvas space for those that are open to this change. It may seem a little over the top to some but there’s always a way to find the right balance. For example, a simple wallpaper with a print of your liking can make your dining room look ritzier. If you enjoy incorporating patterns in design, the ceiling is a fantastic place to start.


#17 Show-off that Flatware

If you’ve been collecting china for years and have some great flatware that has been passed on to you by family, do the right thing and SHOW IT OFF! Whether you showcase it in a display cabinet or just rack it up on shelves, displaying attractive crockery and flatware can make your kitchen look gorgeous.


#18 Include a Bottle/Glass Rack

A dining room without wine? No, thank you! If your goal is to make your dining room look ‘complete’, we recommend including a wine rack and storing some of your favorite cabernets in there so that your guests can be looked after and entertained from the very first course – the drinks.


#19 Switch to Live-Edge Furniture

Bored of the regular, geometric dining tables you see everywhere? Try switching things up with a live-edge dining table. Live-edge tables are not only a good visual change, but also feel extremely organic and earthy. Since the wood is allowed to exhibit its natural flaws, every piece that you get will be unique in its own way. If a dining table with a live-edge seems too expensive or too big a commitment, try live-edge benches or accent tables.


#20 Include Wall Art

You just can’t go wrong with statement wall art. In addition to choosing between an oversized framed-art piece, a family portrait, or a canvas there is also the possibility of including an oversized wall clock to decorate your walls. We recommend choosing art that reflects who you are instead of following trends.

That’s All we have for you in Part II of our two-part series – 20 Easy Steps to a Better Dining Room. To read Part I of this series, click here.

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