Throughout recent years, we’ve been putting together a timeless collection of the most exquisite pieces that are truly, unlike any other. Our designers and artisans went to great lengths to ensure that the pieces in this collection are impeccable in every aspect and after years of iterative efforts, we’re pleased to introduce to you, the ultimate incarnation of our many masterful years in the industry – Studio M by Mercana.  



Meticulously crafted from the finest raw materials and finished with careful attention to details, the Studio M label was tailored to suit those who measure accomplishments not just in material abundance, but in the quality of experience.

The Studio M label comprises of hundreds of décor, lighting, art and furniture pieces that are impressive down to the last speck. Every Studio M labeled piece, regardless of the category and design style it falls under, is a reminder of the relentless innovation, phenomenal craftsmanship and fascinating inspirations that led to its creation.  

From globally inspired, curiosity-closet worthy decor items like the Lagarne to amazing, custom-made art pieces like the Spring Shower Series, the Studio M label is a collection of several, prudently designed pieces that align with one or more of the nine Mercana Design Styles.  



Ready to upgrade? Come take a look at our most luxurious releases from the Studio M label in person at the Toronto Gift Fair or Las Vegas Market between the 27th and 31st of January 2019. In addition to our most luxurious products yet, we’ve got a team of product experts waiting to introduce you to what undoubtedly can be named, our Boldest collection, yet.  

Products under the Studio M label by Mercana will also be available on the Mercana Marketplace from the Midnight of January 25th