In this blog from the Room Inspirations series, we’re working on a space called ‘The Cactus Room’ that represents the warm, tropical soul within us.

The cactus room, an airy and warm space, is the perfect setting to emulate your favorite tropical vacation spot.

Before we look at each product featured in the cactus room individually, let’s talk about the inspiration behind this setup.


Design Style & Inspiration


The Cactus Room is based on the Tropical design style and most of the products shown in the image are inspired by equatorial, warm hues. The room showcases a traditional palette of desert-toned neutral hues in the furniture with a slight deviation of southwest art in pastel colors, balanced out with the earth tone textiles and cement-based gold lamp.

Imitating a light and airy vibe, the Tropical style epitomizes warm breezes and gently swaying palm trees. Tropical style designs are usually inspired by flora and fauna and the patterns included in this style are proof. Furniture pieces based on this design style are usually made from natural wood and lined with fabrics like jute, wicker, and cane. The tropical style has a touch of simplicity to it that will make you forget your urban worries.

Lush foliage, warm colors and freshly cracked coconut anyone?


Now that we’ve gone over the design inspiration, let’s look at the products that make this room look fabulous.


Harman II – 67513


Simplicity can be luxurious – the Harman II is proof. Featuring a plush, off-white linen covered seat and matching back, it makes for a stylish chair in the living room.

The soft, linen covered seat is mounted on a beautifully finished ash wood frame with subtly curved arms and legs ensuring a sturdy seating solution.

The Harman II is not just stylish, but also extremely comfortable, thanks to its slight recline and perfectly padded cushions. A perfect combination of comfort and style, the Harman II is a favorite in spaces based on the Tropical design style and our choice of seating in the cactus room.


Blair – 67342 & Blane – 67343


The Blair and Blane are two splendidly embroidered pillow covers with stylish designs. Made from dhurrie cotton from India, the two pillow covers are perfect for spaces based on the Tropical design style.

Both, the Blair and Blane feature amazing prints inspired by nature making them our first choice for pillow covers for the cactus room.


The Harman II and Stowe

The Harman II and Stowe


Stowe – 50510 & Stowe II – 67531


Featuring a hinged top made from beautifully finished acacia wood, the Stowe is a uniquely designed coffee table that looks fabulous in spaces based on Tropical design styles.

It flaunts an Octagonal base made from acacia wood that is naturally water resistant and is extremely stable. The Stowe is just as functional as it is stylish, and the large storage area secured by a hinged top is proof. With stylish visuals and unparalleled functionality, the Stowe is sure to be the perfect addition to your Tropically styled living room.

To maintain consistency in the cactus room, we chose the Stowe II to serve as a side table which has the same features as the coffee table in this series (Stowe – 50510) without the additional storage.


Caela – 67585


Relaxation is an integral part of the Tropical vibe. To ensure the most relaxing indoor experience there can be, we decided to go with a pouf in addition to the formal seating in the cactus room.

The Caela, our choice of poufs for the cactus room, can be used as a footrest or as extra seating when needed.

Made from a combination of wool, felt and cotton, the Caela is a stylish square pouf. Hand-made in India, the Caela is extremely soft and flaunts stunning patterns that add to the visuals of the cactus room.

With your feet up on the Caela, you’d want to sit back and relax, all day long!


The Caela Pouff & Dolomite Rug

The Caela Pouff & Dolomite Rug


Dolomite – 70009


Crafted from organic materials, The Dolomite is the perfect rug for your Tropically styled living room.

A hand-woven, dhurrie rug braided with Indian jute, the Dolomite is a soft and warm rug that you’d want to rest your feet on. The rug, made on a panja loom, features fringed edges and a vertical-strip pattern that gives it a touch of elegance.

The native materials used in the making of this simple yet stylish rug are a reason enough to reserve a spot for the Dolomite in the cactus room.


Whittier – 37168


The Whittier is a wooden tray that flaunts a withered finish. It features a mirror on the inside and is large enough to hold a few cups of tea for your guests. Functionality and visual consistency are two main reasons why we chose the Whittier for the cactus room.


The Cactus I & II

The Cactus I & II


Cactus I – 12084 & Cactus II – 12085


Made to order, the Cactus I and Cactus II are stunning framed prints with abstract cacti designs that are also the inspiration behind the name given to the cactus room. Although the colors used in these prints are quite subtle, the framing and detail of the images ensure that these pieces get the attention they deserve.

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