Twice a year, every year, our team is excited to showcase our latest products at the High Point Market in North Carolina. As a ‘design first’ company, we produce several hundred unique pieces for the home each season including wall art, furniture, lighting and home décor accessories.

As the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, the High Point Market held in High Point, North Carolina serves as the perfect platform for us to showcase our newly launched products as well as interact with our B2B partners.

Our designers have worked hard over the summer to bring you hundreds of new individual products across our 9 design styles.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Products to Check Out at Mercana’s High Point Showroom for the Fall of 2018.

Here is a list of the new releases that we recommend you check out at our showroom in High Point:


#1 Rowling – 67997

They say creativity is a product of the environment you surround yourself with. Designers, decorators and artists have complained about their mundane work spaces for years now and our product development team has taken special efforts to design the perfect desk for people who want to maximize their creative potential.

Unleash Creativity with Rowling

Reach Your Potential with Rowling

Rowling is a sturdy, modern looking desk that makes for a great space to work on your computer, sketch out that next award-winning art piece or write your first novel. It features a beautiful mix of metal and wood and will fit in with almost any decor and room style. Because we value creativity and anything that helps bring out the creative side of people, the Rowling office desk makes it to this list with ease!


#2 Lamda – 68000

Gone are the days of the warm sun and beach apparel. With the fall season (and pumpkin spice lattes) here early, the coats are out of the closet in the a.m. and on the sofa at day’s end. With the Lamda Coat Rack, you can now relax on your favorite sofa and not have to share it with your jackets.

Lamda Coat Rack

Lamda Coat Rack

The Lamda coat rack starts with a mixed wood and metal design and has a multitude of hooks (12 of them), that can be used for coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, or whatever you need to hang up. Our designers have taken special effort to make sure that the hooks are well rounded to prevent damage and stretching of fabric when hung on the racks.

The key to a great coat rack is style and versatility, and because the Lamda has ample of both, it is a top pick in this list.


#3 Lauren – 68001

At Mercana, we believe that simplicity and functionality should be the key areas of focus when we design shelving units and the Lauren is proof of that. We all have the issue of not having enough shelf space, but don’t always need a large bulky shelf. Thus, we introduce the Lauren – a wood and metal shelf that offers plenty of storage space, open on all sides for easy access and display options.

More Space with Lauren

More Space with Lauren

The brass tone on the metal complements the wooden racks and allows the Lauren to be a part of any living space, irrespective of the design and style.

If you’re planning to stock up on those good reads this fall and plan to use the Lauren as a book shelf, check out our collection of book ends that go well with it here.


#4 Abberley – 68084

The Abberley wall clock is a hand-crafted metal framed clock with large and easy to read Roman numerals mounted on an intricately detailed, old-style world clock face, that beautifully captures that old-world charm.

World Clock: Abberley

World Clock: Abberley

A subtle combination of earthy colors and archaic aesthetics, the Abberley is one of our most classy looking wall clocks to date and is without a doubt an easy pick for this list.


#5 Ringo – 101193-L

Mercana has been in the wall art business for over 20 years now and we’ve learnt to produce eye catching art over the years. Bold and Confident is what this piece of art shouts out loud.

The Bold and Confident - Ringo

The Bold and Confident – Ringo

This two-piece canvas is an absolute eye catcher irrespective of the background colors. The Ringo can not only be placed on a white wall but also on a rebellious, dark-colored wall with no fear of blending in with the background. The Ringo was meant to stand out and it does just that by being one of the first pieces to catch your attention at our High Point Showroom this fall.


#6 Sefina – 68014

At Mercana, we believe that art doesn’t always have to be found hung on walls and that’s how pieces like Sefina are created.

In a Set of 3 (optional) -Sefina

In a Set of 3 (optional) -Sefina

Sefina is a series of ceramic vases with a rich dark finish with elegantly designed geometric patterns that are soothing. They look great on their own, but even better as a set of 3.

Because of its simple yet artistic visual appeal, it can be found in living spaces of any style and design without seeming odd and has found a spot on this list for the same reason!


#7 Philo II – 68009

Has city life made you forget how beautiful mother nature is?

Nature in a Frame - Philo II

Nature in a Frame – Philo II

Philo II is a stylish metal palm leaf in a bold green shade, mounted on an original hand painted wood oil painting. Each piece is similar but unique to you.

The Philo II is a perfect addition to our Tropical design style and thus makes it to this list.


#8 Aqua Circle – 12465

Among all of our artwork, Studio M products are our favorite! Each piece from the Studio M line is hand made, in-house, by our designers and no two pieces are the exact same. The uniqueness is what sets the Studio M line apart from others.

Studio M Line - Aqua Circle High Point Market

Studio M Line – Aqua Circle

A piece straight out of our Studio M line of premium artwork, the Aqua circle easily finds its way on this list for the quality, distinctiveness and inspiring color schemes.

Unlike the Ringo, this made to order piece of art is inspired by calmer spirits and warmer colors, making it a fresh addition to modern living spaces.


#9 Jaran – 67998

Anyone can have a candle holder, but with Jaran you get a uniquely styled and adjustable 5-armed metal and glass candle holder that will sparkle in any room.

Cozy Winters with the Jaran High Point Market

Cozy Winters with the Jaran

With the holiday season closing in on us, the Jaran is the perfect answer to making spaces cozy with multiple candle flames (maybe even scented ones!).

A seasonal preference for some, the Jaran can also be a year-round show piece for others.


#10 Your Pick?

At Mercana, we understand that art and design are a personal preference and vary from person to person. Thus, we’ve left the #10 pick for our readers and for our visitors at the High Point Market Showroom to pick.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this list and what in your opinion, should make #10!


Come Say Hi to Our Team at High Point Market, High Point, NC!


Where: IHFC, Floor 3, C332.

When: Oct 13, 2018  to Oct 17, 2018  

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  1. Just found the Ringo 2 piece art work with the bull in an online search 🙂
    Do you still have these pieces available to order?
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