With the world spinning faster than ever before (metaphorically), the need for organized living is on the rise. But let’s be honest, living an organized life can be difficult as it requires effort and constant evaluation of your lifestyle choices.

As a ‘design first’ company, we emphasize on designing products that help our customers live their best lives. Our designers understand the importance of organized living and this is reflected in the products we produce and deliver.

Before we look at some of the products that are bound to help you get organized, let’s understand what organized living is about.


What is Organized living?


Simply put, living an organized life is being ready for what the future demands from you. For example, hanging your overalls on the same rack saves you time by not having to find them every morning before work.

It is important to remember that saved time, just like pennies in a piggy-bank, adds up!


What are the Benefits of an Organized life?


The benefits of an organized life are many. Living an organized life over a prolonged period has been proven to improve one’s health by regulating eating habits, exercise routines, and sleep patterns. Apart from this, people who follow an organized lifestyle report being happier and more content with life.

Overall, organized living helps you save time and money and boosts your energy!


Making up your mind to lead an organized life is not an easy decision and requires emotional maturity in addition to all the physical efforts. Once you’re onboard emotionally, check out some of the products from the Mercana Marketplace that will help you achieve your organized living goals in no time.


#1 Wall and Table Clocks


Owning time and being able to make the best of it is what organized living is about. To stay on top of your organized living game, make sure to have a clock around in spaces that you spend most of your time in.

Keeping your activities in check are made easier when you have a clock for easy reference. Wall clocks are not just great at helping you organize your time but also add to the visuals of the space.

For smaller spaces, consider a table clock that suits your style.

Check out one of our bestsellers, the Devonshire and others on the Mercana Marketplace, here.


#2 Bookends and Magazine Racks


Book Ends and Magazine Racks

Book Ends and Magazine Racks


Does your coffee table host more books and magazines than coffee mugs? Well, maybe its time to organize your books and magazines by finding a suitable magazine rack or pair of bookends.

Using book ends or magazine racks not only makes your space look less cluttered but also ensures that you don’t waste time finding books when you need them!

We’ve got some stylish bookends like the Cogsworth and magazine racks like the Teneo that flaunt unparalleled functionality. Check them out on the Mercana Marketplace, here.


#3 Storage Solutions


Jewelry Boxes and Shelves

Boxes and Shelves


Our designers work hard to create the right storage solutions for our customers that are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Investing in shelves, trunks, and chests can greatly help you live an organized life by finding space for items based on how often you need them. Find the right storage solution for your needs on the Mercana Marketplace, here.

Smaller items like jewelry and accessories can be organized using small boxes. You can find the right box for you, here.


#4 Work Desks


We believe that creativity is a cross product of your immediate surroundings. A clean and organized desk works as a catalyst to the cause of seeking creativity.

Our designers love designing great desks for you, so you can change the world, right from your own space.

We strongly recommend organizing your work-related items around a functional and visually inspiring desk.

Find one of our favorites, the Gateway, and others on the Mercana Marketplace!


#5 Coat Racks


Coat Rack

Coat Rack


Sectionals and sofas were made for you, not for the faux-leather coat you bought from your favorite designer brand. If you’re like most people who rest their coat onto the sofa’s arm at day’s end, you’ll really notice the difference a coat rack can make.

A coat rack can help you organize your coats and ensure that your space looks clean and decluttered, keeping you on the right path to leading the most organized version of life!

We’ve got plenty of coat racks on the Mercana Marketplace for you. Find your favorite by clicking here.



Now that we’ve helped you find the right products to get you started, maybe its time to finally succumb to the thought of living an organized life?


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