As a ‘design first’ brand, we’re committed to designing furniture that fits seamlessly into people’s lifestyles. We thought about our customers who spend hours reading books while designing the products in this list. This process of thought is what allows Mercana to design products that cater to your everyday needs.

Experienced book lover or not, the holiday season can be a great time to kickback, relax and enjoy a good read. Whether you’re a holiday season reader or you’re a book lover in general, you’ll appreciate these products we’ve got for you!


#1 Shelves


If you’re a reader (or a collector of books) you probably have quite a few books lying around in the house. Why not gather them all and display them on a stylish shelf?

The Mercana marketplace is home to several book shelves which are not only functional but also visually appealing. We’ve also got different sizes and storage capacities depending on how many books and décor items you’re looking to display.

The Lauren, a wooden book shelf with six fixed shelves and an iron frame is perfect for all the books you want to store. Each shelf on the Lauren is large enough to fit the seven-part Harry Potter series, so you can dedicate an entire rack to the potterhead in you!

In case you’ve got more books than what the Lauren can host, fear not, we’ve got bigger shelves too! Check out the Roxdale, a curved book shelf and others, here.


Book and Shelf

Examples of Available Seating Options From the Mercana Marketplace


#2 Seating


Ever found yourself saying “just one more chapter”, at the end of every chapter? You’re not alone. Reading is an addictive hobby and people tend to spend hours at a time reading several pages of their favorite books.

Prolonged seating calls for the perfect seat. At Mercana, our designers focus on the comfort aspect before mastering the visuals of the piece. This process has allowed us to introduce chairs like the Childers, which are the perfect combination of style and visuals.

What can be better than reading your favorite book on a hammock by the beach? Reading your favorite book in a hammock-styled chair in the comfort of your home with a hot chocolate!

The Childers is a comfortable, hammock-styled chair featuring top-grain leather fastened to a sturdy frame. The Childers chair and your favorite books are the perfect duo to get you through the cold winters!

People who love extra-padded, rotating seats will also appreciate the Hardwick series of chairs. Find the Hardwick series and others like it, here.


#3 Reading Light


With winters making parts of your home seem like the forbidden forest, the right ambient lighting is key for a well lit and relaxing reading session.

The Tanvernier, a reading (table) lamp from the Mercana marketplace should do the trick. With a diamond patterned base polished in a turquoise-aqua tone, the Tanvernier reading lamp is sure to not only provide enough light but also make for a stunning décor piece in the house.

The Mercana marketplace is also home to several other lighting solutions including table, floor and ceiling lamps. Find the perfect one for you here.


#4 Book Ends


People who love reading books will understand the importance of being able to display your favorites wherever you want. We’ve put a lot of effort into designing our latest collection of book ends so that they not only help you display your favorite books but also reflect your personality.

Love dogs? Check out our Marley or Torben series featuring the cutest canines. You can also find book ends with an industrial feel to it like the Leggo and Cogsworth series.

Basically, we’ve got something for everybody. Find your favorite book ends, here.


 Accent tables, Book End and Ambient Lighting options From the Mercana Marketplace

Accent tables, Book End and Ambient Lighting options From the Mercana Marketplace


#5 Accent Table


Coffee and books are just as good a combination as beer and beaches. Having a small accent table around your seating to host your caramel macchiato sounds like the perfect solution.

The Laconia is a wooden accent table that can be found on the Mercana Marketplace. It features a top large enough to hold small items like your favorite cup of coffee, a couple of books and a TV remote. Isn’t that all we need this holiday season?

For more accent tables, visit the Mercana Marketplace by clicking here.

In addition to the above products, pillows and warm blankets are highly recommended!

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