If you’ve finally found a dining table that suits your liking, you’re probably looking for dining chairs to go with it. Unlike years ago, most people don’t buy matching chairs for their tables anymore because there are several options available in the market to choose from. Moreover, a mix and match type set-up allows you to introduce a touch of color, pattern, and texture as per your liking.

In this article from the Dining & Bistro Series, we’re going to help you find a set of comfortable dining chairs that will look great with your chosen dining table.

Before we look at the options for dining chairs, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Will the dining room be a formal or informal setting? 
  • How many people will I host on a regular basis? 
  • How much space do I have left after all the other items in my dining room have been chosen? 
  • How much room will guests have to move around? 
  • What are the exact dimensions of my dining table? 

Once the answers to these questions have been noted, you’re ready. Without further ado, let’s look at the various factors to be considered when searching for the perfect chairs!


#1 Chair & Table Size 

In our first blog from the Dining & Bistro series, Buyer’s Guide to Dining Tables, we recommended measuring your dining room before investing in a table and we’re suggesting the same for chairs.

Before looking at your options, get accurate measurements of not just your dining table but your dining room as well. This will ensure that you don’t compromise on leg space and your guests don’t bump elbows at the dinner table!

Here’s a size guide that will help you remember the basics when shopping for dining chairs. 

If you’re wondering how many guests can ideally be seated on your table depending on the size and shape, here’s a general rule of thumb that ensures your guests are comfortable: 

  • If you have a Rectangular or Oval dining table that is approximately 72” long, it can comfortably seat 6 guests while 96” long and 120” long tables comfortably seat 8 and 10 guests respectively. 
  • Round or Square tables that are approximately 48” (sides or diameter) can comfortably seat 4 guests whereas 60” and 72” large tables can comfortably seat 6 and 8 guests respectively. However, if your round table is larger than 60”, consider getting a Lazy Susan to ensure your guests don’t have to stretch more than usual to reach for the center of the table 

#2 Material 

Finding a chair that is made of the appropriate material for you is just as important as finding a chair of the right size. The right material for your chair will depend on many factors ranging from your individual choice to the color and material of the dining table you plan to pair it with.

From solid wood chairs to acrylic chairs, there are several options to choose from with ample designs under each category. However, each material has its own pros and cons and what works for you will depend on your use of the chairs, your budget and more.  

Here’s a Material guide to help you decide. 


#3 Style


Now that we’ve studied the available material options, let’s dive into the options based on design style. Choosing a style of dining chairs is tricky considering there are so many variations to choose from. Each style has its own pros and cons which impact the comfort and visuals of the chair.

Although there are new designs coming up every day, there are some styles that are considered timeless and these are the ones we will talk about in this post.

Check out this style guide outlining a few of the many designs available in the market today.


#4 Mix It Up 

In addition to regular chair seating, armchairs and benches can also be used to seat your guests. Armchairs tend to be significantly more comfortable than regular side chairs, especially for seniors. Armchairs prevent slouching and reduce strain on the elbows when seated, making them a better choice when considering comfort.  

If you host dinners occasionally but don’t really need all that seating capacity otherwise, you’ll want to use bench seating for your table in addition to the chairs. Benches are usually designed to seat two guests at a time and can be stowed underneath the table when not in use, saving you some space and creating the illusion of openness.  

When not in use, the bench can also serve as an entryway seat or as accent seating in the common room, making it a versatile purchase. If you have a round table, a demi-lune bench such as the Aponas can work for you.  

Another brilliant way to mix things up is to have a combination of armchairs and side chairs. Using two armchairs at the head of the table in addition to side chairs will allow you to add color and pattern to your dining room for an eclectic feel. If ‘eclectic’ doesn’t fit your taste, using endchairs not too different in color from the side chairs will ensure comfort without the contrasting look.  


We hope that these tips help you buy the perfect set of dining room chairs for your space without breaking the bank. If you want to explore the different options available, we’d recommend checking out the Mercana Marketplace or visit the Where to Buy section on our website to find your nearest Mercana retailer.  

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