Whether you’re just curious or you’re trying to get a head start on designing your home in accordance with the latest trends, this article is the one for you. Since Pantone announced their color of the year, Living Coral, we’ve been a part of many conversations that mainly revolved around words like trends, predictions and such.

Because predictions may change based on external factors, opinions, and other unknown factors, at this point we can talk about only a few trends with some certainty. Combining data from industries like fashion, real-estate, and technology with trends in the economy has allowed us to dig deeper and back these predictions.

Without further ado, let’s look at the trends we’re predicting for the year 2020 and our reasons behind the predictions.

Multi-functional Furniture 

If we look at the numbers, now is a tough period for first-time homebuyers. If this situation persists, we may see smaller homes that will have less space for your furniture. Thus, you will need pieces that are multi-functional like beds with drawer storage or desks with shelves up top.

The rise of multifunctional furniture is a trend that may involuntarily contribute towards sustainable living and will certainly be a popular one among people who believe in practices like minimalism and mindfulness.

However, designers working with multifunctional furniture will face a big challenge – ensuring the pieces are not just functionally fitting but visually interesting as well.


New Colors  

PPG paints announced Nightwatch as their color of the year around the same time as Pantone announced Living Coral as theirs. We love both these colors equally but like every other year, 2020 will have a color(s) of its own.

According to London based color forecasting service, WGSN, the next year will make popular a fresh shade of green that mingles technology with the outdoors. ‘Neo Mint’ is predicted to be a hit in interior design after having worked its magic in the fashion industry this year.

Like every other year in the past, the year 2020 will see more than one popular color and stunning shades like Mellow Yellow and Navy could be revived.

Mindfulness in Design 

According to Pinterest’s trend reports, a 200% increase in the term ‘mindfulness’ was seen in décor related searches in the last year. It doesn’t take a wizard to understand why. Rapid urbanization has made our lives faster than ever, making it harder to reflect on our lives in our downtime. To combat this problem, more people are incorporating mindfulness in interior design.

In addition to this, most of us have started focusing on mental well-being through lifestyle practices like yoga and minimalism which support the idea of mindful interiors. Taking all this into consideration, we might see mindful décor become a trend in the coming years.

Home Offices

Advancements in communication technology have made remote-working jobs a feasible option for many. This trend has designers excited about developing furniture for home offices of all sizes.

A growing community of freelancers and entrepreneurs are contributing to this trend by operating valuable businesses that offer professional services from their residences. This start-up culture is what makes us believe that the ‘home office’ trend is here to stay and 2020 will surprise us with some inspirational home office designs.

Evolution of Storage 

Remember DVDs? Remember how you had a DVD rack to hold your collection? Well, only a few people have them around in their houses now. The reason? DVDs and other bulky things from the past have been redesigned, digitized or thrown on the cloud! Everything from TVs to Media boxes is getting smaller and this completely eliminates the need for some pricey storage items like Media Consoles.

Some people may say that storage will always be needed, and we couldn’t agree more. We predict that in the coming year, storage options will focus on being more display friendly so that one can showcase the items that help personalize their homes. The inclusion of typical storage pieces like trunks and chests may also start to see a decline.


Variable Homes 

Gone are the days when a living room was considered a neat arrangement of sofas that pointed towards a television set. The personalization of spaces has now become a priority for most people and the arrangement of pieces is subject to one’s interests. For example, many people have moved on from the dining table experience and prefer using the extra space as a home office or creative space.

This growing need for personalizing spaces as per one’s use is a reason to believe that homes will soon be fluid and variable.


Bolder Geometric Patterns

In modern décor and furniture, clean lines and geometrically appealing designs have been the ‘thing’ for a while now. With newer and bolder geometric patterns being introduced in the fashion industry, we believe that the trend will soon be a big part of interior design and décor.

Another reason to believe that this trend will catch on is the versatility of geometric designs as they can be used in designing everything from furniture and lighting to wallpapers and pillow covers. Moreover, geometric patterns can be a part of most design styles with ease, making it a hot trend to adopt.

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