There are so many of you that want to decorate your homes based on the Global Curiosities design style but lack of traveling, and as a result, a lack of souvenirs from around the world makes it almost impossible to do so!

Thus, we thought we’d come up with an article that would help you, a culturally curious travel enthusiast, add a touch of ‘the world’ to your space and personalize it without having to actually travel halfway across the globe. Convenient, right?

Without further ado, here are the 10 essential decor items every globetrotter will appreciate:


#1 Bohemian Ikat 

Pronounced “ee-caught”, the Bohemian Ikat series of wall art is an amazing collection of made-to-order canvas prints from the Studio M Collection that are inspired by the traditional, South-Asian dyeing technique called ikat, which is common in countries like Indonesia and India.

The Bohemian Ikat series of wall art is comprised of pieces that feature abstract compositions created using the ikat technique using cool colors like shades of grey and blue.


#2 Dolomite

The Dolomite is an extravagant area rug or dhurrie that is handcrafted from cotton and jute. Featuring an elegant, striped pattern weaved using the Punja loom technique, the Dolomite is a stunning rug that is sure to add a touch of panache and be a conversation starter in any space. Available in an 8×10 cut with fringed edges, we strongly recommend including the Dolomite to your globally-inspired space, considering not only its visual appeal but also its cultural and artisanal value.


#3 Lagrane

Intricately crafted from resin and finished in a premium polish, the Lagrane represents a close replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull and will make you look like a traveler, paleontologist or just plain cool. We strongly recommend this piece in spaces based on the Global Curiosities design style because of it’s potential to be an instant conversation starter in any space.


#4 Tamanar

The Tamanar is a posh collection of wall mirrors that are inspired by the Ogee pattern that has been popular in Morroco for centuries. Exceptionally crafted from wood and available in two finishes, light and dark brown, the Tamanar set of wall mirrors looks gorgeous in any space, especially ones based on the Global Curiosity design style. We recommend pairing at least 4 mirrors together and creating a masterpiece that gives your space a lavish, middle-eastern vibe.


#5 Freesia 

Featuring an elegant design inspired by the centuries-old block print technique of Ajrak popular in the Sindh region of Pakistan, the Freesia is a beautiful pillow cover that is sure to add a touch of ‘global’ in your space. Flaunting blue colored patterns on a white background, the Freesia makes for a great throw pillow cover to pair with a contemporary, fabric couch.



#6 Virgo

Inspired by the rattan and wicker works popular in equatorial Asia, the Virgo is an exquisite, cylindrical pendant lamp that features a dark stained, straw woven bulb shade that hosts a 40-Watt rated, standard E26 bulb. The woven shade has tiny perforations and casts a warm and welcoming glow with an unintended, decorative pattern in the room. The woven shade draws inspiration from boho-chic styles and will make you feel closer to the coast then you really are, always.


#7 Suspension

The Suspension is a set of two bookends whose design is inspired by the picturesque beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Exceptionally crafted from metal and finished in a rustic bronze polish, this is something every traveler would love to include in their home decor selection.


#8 Cornus

The Cornus is a set of decor items that not only represent culture but also speak of history. The set is a collection of antiques reclaimed from textile factories in India and includes 3 brass scissors, 4 tall spools and 2 large spools. Finished in rustic tones, the pieces in this set are a reminder of the importance of cotton-producing countries that have helped us realize the concept of modern fashion.


#9 Abberley

Although not a piece that holds historic or cultural value, the Abberley is one that will remind the traveler within you to stay woke and remember that to travel, is to learn. Expertly hand-crafted from metal finished in a matte-black tone, the Abberley is a stunning wall clock that features easy to read Roman numerals over an old-style, monochrome world map face. We highly recommend using the Abberley as a signature piece on one of the prominent walls in your space.


#10 Paris

A whimsical take on the Global Curiosities style, the Paris collection of framed art pieces is one that is guaranteed to be a head turner in any space.



That’s all we have on this list for you, globetrotters! For more such content, subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook