Love hanging out at the bar counter in your house or around your kitchen counter?  You’re going to need the perfect seating solution. A bar or counter stool that not just offers unparalleled comfort but also goes well with the counter or bar.

In this Home Tips guide, we’ll be looking at the most important things to consider when trying to decide on the perfect bar or counter seating solution in the Mercana Marketplace!


The Height


It is important to measure the height of your counter before you pick your choice of seating. Typically, stools come in three sizes based on height – counter height stools, bar stools and tall bar stools.

Counter stools are 24-29 inches tall and are a great choice for counters that measure between 34-39 inches in height.  Bar stools are typically 30-36 inches tall and are meant for bar or kitchen counters that are 40-46 inches tall. If your counter or bar is taller than 48 inches, you will need a tall bar stool.

Accurate measurement of height is essential in this process. A stool too short will compel you to stretch whereas a stool too tall will result in you slouching – both of which are uncomfortable!


Choosing a stool of the right height

Choosing a stool of the right height



Seat Style


Comfort is key when choosing the perfect seating for your counter. Whether you’re trying to get some work done or just sipping on a glass of wine, the stool you choose, should have a comfortable seat of your liking. Prolonged seating at the bar is common practice and only the most comfortable seats will allow for a relaxing time.

When looking at different seat styles, we’re differentiating between them based on the shape, contour style and padding.

Check out the visual below to check out some of your different options for seats at Mercana!


Types of Seating Styles


Back or Back less


Just like the seat, the seat back is an important decision to make for anyone looking to buy a bar or counter stool.

Some people prefer the ‘open’ feel of a backless stool while others think the back adds comfort to the stool. Often, bar and counter stools also sport a low-back design. This is the perfect point of settlement between having a seat-back and not having one. With a leather seat, and an antiqued gold metal frame, the Hollyfield II is a popular low back bar stool on the Mercana Marketplace.

Stationary or Swivel


While some people prefer to be seated on a stationary stool, others prefer a rotating, swivel style bar stool. Swivel style stools are easier to get on and off of while stationary stools are, for obvious reasons, more stable.

If you’re trying to chat up with friends on the bar counter, you’d probably want to choose a swivel stool so you can turn freely on either side!




A beautiful looking bar or kitchen counter area is something we all deserve, and the visual appeal factor should not be ignored while shopping for stools.

Keeping in mind the color of your kitchen counter or bar area will help you choose the perfect seating in terms of visuals.  Bar stools can be found in a metallic, wooden, acrylic, leather and other finishes. Each material has its own impact on visuals and functionality.

Choosing stools that fit the design style your home was based on is a great way to ensure your bar and seating goes well with the surroundings. Our Archer collection of bar stools (Archer, Archer II) fit perfectly with a Farmhouse Design Style, while our circular Oxford bar stools (Oxford I, Oxford II), with metal legs and rich leather cushions, will be the center of attention in an Industrial styled space.


These were five things we thought you should consider when trying to buy the perfect seating for your bar. If you have any more tips for our readers, let us know in the comments below.


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