Are you the kind of person that loves and wants a beautiful living space? Are you also the person that puts this thought to rest by telling yourself that your living room is too small to look beautiful?

Well, just because your living space is small doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for a beautiful looking space.

In this article from the Home Tips series, we’ll be looking at the right kind of furniture for your small living area. With just a few tips, you’ll be able to make it look like the space of your dreams, all while making sure that it doesn’t look cluttered.

Here are our favorite tips to help you choose furniture for a small living space:


#1 Loose the Sectional


Sectionals are usually a big no if you have a small space. Chances are, your sectional takes up a huge chunk of your living area and you don’t really need it. Replacing the sectional with a love seat or two individual cushioned chairs can be a great idea. This will guarantee a seating area without taking up the extra space.

One of our favorite choices from the Mercana Marketplace for smaller spaces is the Colburne. Check out the Colburne and similar loveseats at the Mercana Marketplace. You might just find your perfect nap station!

From our Designer’s Picks series, we also have a blog on the Top 5 Sofas and Sectionals from our latest product release, which you may find helpful.


#2 Ottomans


Single Seat & Ottoman Combination

Single Seat & Ottoman Combination


If you’re the kind that likes resting your feet on a sectional, you’ll want to get an ottoman instead. The biggest advantage of an ottoman is the versatility.

Have guests over? An ottoman works as extra seating.

Need a spare coffee table? Place your tray on the ottoman and you now have a coffee table! A bar stool or pouf can also have similar benefits to an ottoman.

To check out our collection of Ottomans on the Mercana marketplace, click here.


#3 Dining table


Pedestal Style Dining Table

Pedestal Style Dining Table – Lockhart


Having a dining table larger than what is required almost always negatively impacts the living space. Most people don’t consider the space they could save by buying the right sized dining table for their space. If you absolutely must have a rectangular, four seat dining table with four legs, try experimenting with the seating style.  Using benches instead of regular chairs gives a more open feel to the space and reduces clutter.

Using bench seating, like in the green room, allows you to tuck the bench under the table completely when not in use, giving the space a cleaner look.

Pedestal style tables are usually smaller and take up less space than the four-legged counter parts, providing extra leg room in confined spaces. Check out our collection of dining tables and find the perfect one for your space here.


#3 Bistro Table


Emslie II Bistro Table and Stools.

Emslie II Bistro Table and Stools.


For those that can live without a dining table, a bistro table is the perfect option. Bistro tables are smaller (usually round) tables that ideally seat two. These tables usually have a pedestal style base that takes up less space and when combined with open chair seating, these can contribute to the perfect ambiance for evening coffees as well as cozy dinners for two.

Check out our favorite bistro table, the Emslie II and others from the Mercana marketplace here.


#4 Wall Mount TVs


If you’ve got a TV in your living room, consider mounting it. That way, you’ll save on space and money by eliminating the need for a TV table, media stand or cabinet.  If you need extra space to keep your media devices, drilling a shelf onto the wall, below the mounted TV, can be a great idea.

If you have musical instruments like the guitar placed in a corner of the room, consider mounting it on a wall. Not only does this save floor space, but also adds to the look and feel of the room by giving it an artistic and personal touch. The trick also works well with bicycles, head wear and sneaker collections!


#5 Cabinets and Storage


Schroeder Shelf

Schroeder Shelf


The biggest challenge in smaller spaces is having enough storage space without making the surrounding area look cluttered. While choosing cabinets and storage solutions, it is important to remember one simple rule – Slim and Tall is better than Wide and Short.

Although floor space isn’t much we can play around with when it comes to small spaces, the ceiling’s height is something we should aim to utilize as best as we can.

If a tall cabinet is not something that works for you, using open shelving units can also give the room an uncluttered feel.

Check out our top recommendation, the Schroeder, and other shelving options here.


#6 Lighting


Choosing the right kind of lighting is also an important part of making a room appear more spacious than it really is. Replacing floor lamps with sconces or hanging lights also contributes to saving space.

Remember, a well-lit room always looks more spacious and luxurious than a dark one.

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#7 Mirrors


Wall Mounted Mirrors

Wall Mounted Mirrors


Mirrors can make rooms feel bigger and brighter by reflecting incident light. Hanging mirrors on walls in smaller spaces, especially opposite windows and light sources, makes a positive impact on how the room is perceived.

If you’re looking to decorate a wall with mirrors, consider a collection of mirrors. You can check out our blog on different collection mirrors here.


Now that we’ve gone over some tips to choose the right furniture, let’s look at some additional tips that will help you make your living space be perceived as larger and airier.


  1. Accurately measure your space and the furniture that you plan to purchase for the space
  2. When choosing furniture for your space, choose colors that align with your desired design style.
  3. Having many small items instead of one large item isn’t always a good idea and can make your space look cluttered
  4. The color of the walls in your space matters. Choose a color that makes your room look bright and reflects your personality
  5. Having taller curtains makes the ceilings seem higher and contributes to making your room look bigger
  6. Wall décor can help make your living space look ritzy if you choose the right one


These are all the tips we have for you in this article. If you have any more tips for our readers, comment below and let everyone know!

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