Have you ever flipped through the pages of an interior design or home improvement magazine and realized that you may have a type? That you really have a biased opinion on a piece of furniture or a room’s overall look? Well, that’s totally normal – you’re not the only one.  Just as we do with clothing and fashion, we tend to like a limited set of colors, styles and materials in homes and living spaces. In this ultimate guide, we’re going to look at the various Mercana design styles, essential pieces from each style and everything else there is to know about them.

Let’s jump right in…. 


#1 Coastal  


Inspired by blue waters, sandy coasts and ocean breezes, the Coastal design style comprises of crisply designed furniture and décor pieces that are casual, comfortable and durable. Spaces based on the Coastal design style have a cool and airy vibe with ocean inspired accessories. The Coastal design style favors cool greens and blues and unorthodox materials like straws and jute in the making of furniture.  

If you’re looking to transform your room into a coastal inspired space, the key thing to remember is that these spaces are supposed to give you a vacation vibe at every glance. Playing around with textures and fabrics in cool colors while keeping things minimalistic otherwise, is the secret to a stunning, coastal inspired space.  

Protip: Adding an indoor, faux-palm or fern will make your coastal inspired space appear more refreshing and relaxing.

Here are our top-picks from the Coastal collection: 


#2 Farmhouse  


The Farmhouse design style is one that will have you relaxing even amidst the busiest urban settings. Rustic woods or galvanized metals or a combination of both are commonly seen in spaces based on this design style. Reclaimed wood furniture pieces in natural brown polishes complemented by countryside inspired décor and art are commonly seen in Farmhouse based spaces.  

Protip: To keep a room from looking too “country kitsch” there needs to be a balance of both old and new pieces.

Here are some recommended items to emulate the Urban farm house charm, without the rooster call: 


#3 Mercana Modern  


Mid-Century Modern, reinvented. The Mercana Modern design style, a millennial favorite, comprises of varied pieces of furniture and décor with strong lines, minimal texture and lack of flashy ornamentation. Spaces based on the Mercana Modern design style are uncluttered and contain iconic furnishings that sport subtle, modern curves and colors. Flat surfaces, minimalistic modern designs and sharp, perpendicular angles are common under the Mercana Modern design style.  

Protip:  Minimalism. That’s the key to a stunning, Mercana Modern inspired space.

We recommend the following pieces if you want to revamp your space into a Mercana Modern wonder: 

 Mercana Modern

#4 Tropical  


If you’re the kind that dreams of vacationing in tropical spots all year round, this maybe the design style for you! Inspired by warm breezes and gently swaying palm trees, the Tropical design style aims to bring the excitement of the outdoors into your living room. Crisp light fabrics and natural materials are a big reason behind the airy vibe that spaces based on the Tropical design style have. The addition of green, indoor plants and white linen drapery in addition to furnishings crafted from natural materials like wicker and wood complete the Tropical look.  

Protip: Crisp white linens with nautical inspired prints are a great addition to spaces based on the Tropical design style. Try it out. Thank us later!

 A Bora-Bora resort style home? Here are a few recommendations to make it happen: 


#5 Lakeside 


Inspired by serene lake side views, spaces based on this design style exhibit peaceful simplicity and elegance. Rooms based on the Lakeside design styles usually sport reclaimed wood furnishings that add a ‘lakeside cabin’ touch to the space. Soft muted colors, industrial metals and waterfront inspired art is commonly seen in these airy and rejuvenating, cabin like spaces.  

Protip:  Perfect catch? Fishing trophies could make for a great addition to spaces based on the Lakeside design style. 

Here are our top recommendations for the perfect, indoor Lakeside retreat: 


#6 Enduring Elegance  


Whimsically romantic, timeless and sophisticated luxury. That’s what the Enduring Elegance design style is all about. Clean lines and patterned fabrics subtly complemented by antiqued golds and pewters are common in rooms based on the Enduring Elegance design style and add to the overall romantic feels of the space. Streamlined furnishings, posh textured rugs, patterned linen and ritzy light fixtures fit perfectly in spaces based on the Enduring Elegance design styles and in-turn, add a touch of luxurious elegance to the room.  

Protip: Chandeliers. Nothing shouts whimsically romantic as loudly as a stunning chandelier.  

Turn your room into a timeless, romantic masterpiece with these recommended products: 


#7 Woodlands  


Inspired by fresh air and the great outdoors, spaces based on the woodlands design style exhibit airy and natural feels. Plaid, textured fabrics with warm leather furnishings introduce a cozy feel to rooms based on the Woodlands design style. The inclusion of stunning décor, lighting and art that is inspired by the wild help these spaces exhibit a complete, woodlands inspired look and complement the furnishing and fabrics.  

Go wild with these recommended for spaces based on the Woodlands design style: 


#8 Global Curiosities  


The Global Curiosities design style is by far, one of the most interesting and culture rich design styles there is.  Inspired by history, culture, geographical diversity and regional art trends, the Global Curiosities design style aims to bring the world in your living room. A space based on the global curiosities design style looks like a collection of souvenirs brought back from world travels. Stunning patterns, a variety of fabrics and uniquely designed, artistic furnishings are major contributors to the success of this design styles. 

Protip: World Maps, Global Clocks and Souvenirs brought back from travels can be great decor additions to spaces inspired by the Global Curiosities design style.   

Bring the world home with these pieces from the Global Curiosities style: 

Global Curiosities

#9 Industrial  


Exposed pipelines and brick walls? Yes, please! The Industrial design style is by far the most interesting among vintage design styles. A mix of dark and neutral tones with iron furnishings sets the industrial design style apart from others. The inclusion of decor and lighting inspired by the industrial revolution is highly recommended when trying to set-up a space based on the Industrial design style. Leather sofas with metal cladding, pipe shelving and filament bulb fixtures are some of the many, stunning pieces to be found in spaces based on the Industrial design style. 

Protip: Exposed ducts, brick walls and high ceilings will greatly help you implement the Industrial look.

Read our latest blog, Design Styles 101: Industrial to learn more about the Industrial design style.

To turn your space into an industrial inspired masterpiece, we recommend the following additions:  


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