The year 2018 has been an eventful one for the Mercana family and we’ve made some major improvements to our business processes over the course of this year. At the beginning of the year, our teams decided to emphasize on our long-prevailing thought of being a ‘customer centric organization’ and ensured that every process was in alignment with this thought. The result? A year full of happy moments! 

In this #ThrowbackThursday post, we’re going to look at the milestones we’ve been able to achieve as a customer centric business. Why should You read this? Because You as a customer, are the most important part of this process and we owe our success to You.  


#1 Jumping on a Train Called Technology  


One of our biggest accomplishments this year was being able to implement a brand-new, inventory management system to help our customers conveniently access our collections on the Mercana Marketplace. From all the customer feedback we’d received in 2017, we gathered that a real-time inventory management system with a smooth user experience was needed in conjunction with the Mercana Marketplace to help our customers plan their purchases better. 

Taking this into consideration, we added tons of new features to the marketplace including better search options, high-resolution product images and detailed product descriptions in addition to the ability to view our ‘on-hand’ and ‘arriving soon’ inventory in real-time. Thanks to a tiresome journey on a train called technology, the Mercana Marketplace is now easier and more convenient than ever to use.  


#2 Eight Trade Shows, Four Collections, Unlimited Smiles. 


If you’ve known Mercana for a while now, you also know that we’ve always been enthusiastic about participating in every recognized trade show relevant to the industry because we absolutely love engaging with our current and potential customers in person. This year, we set up shop at the four most important shows: 

  • Toronto CGTA CanGift Show 
  • High Point Market 
  • Las Vegas Market  
  • Americasmart Atlanta Market 


But that’s not all. What’s better than participating in the best shows in North America? Participating in the best trade shows in North America, Twice a year! Yes, we were at each of these shows twice this year with new and exclusive products on display at each show.  

Missed us this year? Come say Hi at the Americasmart Atlanta Market 2019 between the 8th and 15th of January 2019. 


#3 A Revamped Online Store? Yes, Please! 


In the Summer of 2018, we worked up a plan to improve our online store and website experience. The plan included lively pictures, room inspirations and tons of industry related content for our readers! This plan was put into action and by the end of September 2018, we’d launched a blog and significantly enhanced website user experience by including features like the ‘Where to buy’ function that allows customers to find their nearest Mercana dealers on an embedded map. 

As a result of the new online experience that we’ve been committed to creating, we’ve crossed the 3000 followers mark on Instagram! If you don’t follow us yet, check us out for spectacular room inspirations and décor ideas. 


#4 New Day, New Designs. 


At Mercana, something we’ve been committed to since the beginning is being able to produce quality products that are design focused. In the year 2018, we’ve done exactly that. Our design team has put in efforts every day to design new products and come up with bi-weekly releases. In 2018 alone, we released over 2000 pieces of Art, Furniture, Lighting and Décor across 9 design styles.  

The achievement, as we see it, is in being able to consistently come up with new designs that our customers will love – exactly what 2018 has been about for us.  

#5 From our Family to Yours… 


Giving back to the community is something that the Mercana family has been in practice of for years now. Every year, we take efforts to give back to the community in whatever way we can. In the year 2018, the Mercana family collaborated with the following charities to help the less fortunate in our community: 

  • Surrey Christmas Bureau & the Adopt a Family program 
  • Habitat for Humanity 
  • BC Thanksgiving Food Drive 

Giving back to the community means a lot to us and thus, will always be a part of our yearly highlights! 

These were the highlights of an eventful 2018. For more exciting content, subscribe to our blog and never miss out on the BIG things that we’re planning in the new year.  


On behalf of the Mercana family, we thank you for your constant love and support and wish you a happy new year!