If you’ve followed us on social media (or even secretly browsed through our posts but not followed us), you know that we’re a company that specializes in making quality furniture, décor and art pieces. In this article, we’d like to deviate from the products we make and focus on our team and what we’re up to this holiday season! 

The Mercana Showroom in Surrey exhibits a holiday season vibe, thanks to the well-lit trees, seasonal photo shoots, Christmassy music and the smell of baked goods. Apart from all the fun we’ve had over the years to mark this auspicious time of the year, The Mercana team has also made some very special efforts in giving back to the community.  

This Christmas, we decided to team up with the Surrey Christmas Bureau and participate in their Adopt a Family program. For those unfamiliar with it, the Adopt a Family program matches individuals, businesses, and other organizations that are willing to help with a family in need that has children under the age of 18.  


The Holiday Season

The ‘Adopt A Family’ trees at the Mercana Surrey Showroom


Mercana was paired up with a single mother of three children – two girls aged 3 and 7 and a boy aged 6 months. The Family had had a few tough years before the mother fled from the father with a drug problem. The Mercana team was determined to help the family get back on their feet, and staff came together to donate meaningful monetary and material donations of over 100 relevant items ranging from everyday foods to toys for the kids.  

On a lighter note, the Mercana team also got together for a weekend luncheon outside of work to raise a toast to another year of the company’s success and celebrate festivities together as one big, work family. In addition to this, team members also participated in a secret Santa gift exchange this past Friday afternoon over a pot-luck lunch.  Did the secret Santa’s do a good job? We’re still waiting to hear back from the North Pole on that one! 

This is what the holiday season looks like at Mercana’s Surrey showroom.

We’d also like to take a moment to wish all our patrons and readers the very best of the holiday season!