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Mercana is a B2B wholesaler manufacturing Home Decor Product for Builders, Designers, Gift, Furniture & Online Stores across the United States, Canada and the World. Where to buy

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Mercana is a “design-first” company, we produce several hundred unique pieces of home decor each season, from Furniture to Framed Art.  You’ll find 1,000’s of items available at attractive wholesale pricing.  Mercana offers made-to-order and ready to ship items.





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As our product lineup continues to grow, Mercana Furniture and Decor is excited to have 9 design styles across our Art, Furniture, Lighting and Accessories Lineup. Feel the whimsical romance of our Enduring Elegance, go back to your roots with our classic Farmhouse charm, explore the treasures of Global Curiosities, or maybe fall in love with Industrial all over again? The possibilities are endless.